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341 Working Class Hero - Green Day (John Lennon)

Green Day's cover of Working Class Hero has so much more feeling into it than John Lennon's original version of this song. This song made me search for the original. Though the original really disappointed me after hearing this cover of it. Green Day is, and will be an all time best.

I want Knowledge - Green Day (Operation Ivy)... I like Green Day's version more than the original.

A working class hero is something to be

342 Numb - Evanescence (Linkin Park)
343 Over the Hills and Far Away - Nightwish (Gary Moore)

Not a lot has been changed in orchestration, none at all in lyrics, but the voice of Tarja has taken a great song to a new level.

344 Miss Jackson - The Vines

Amazing cover! especailly when performed live, finnishing off a great show! - ZeppHindle

345 All I Want - Susanna Hoffs (The Lightning Seeds)
346 Stuck in the Middle with You - Susanna Hoffs (Stealers Wheels) V 1 Comment
347 Wuthering Heights - Pat Benatar (Kate Bush)
348 Wuthering Heights - Mia Martini (Kate Bush)
349 Unchained Melody - Gareth Gates (Righteous Brothers)

Gareth gates has made a great song out of another very great song. Its just too awesome. One of my favorites.

350 The Metro - System of a Down (Berlin)
351 Astro Zombies - Pennywise (Misfits)
352 Olive Me - NOFX (All Of Me - Louis Armstrong)
353 Stand By Me - Pennywise (Ben E. King)
354 Sharp Dressed Man - Nickelback (ZZ Top)
355 Tush - Joan Jett (ZZ Top)
356 Drive My Car Jonas Brothers (Beatles)
357 Here Comes the Rain Again - Hypnogaja (Eurythmics)

This definitely is not the best cover ever but definitely one of the best and hundred times better than the original. And this is the best song by hypnogaja.

358 Round Here - Panic! At The Disco (Counting Crows)

This song makes grown men cry! Brendon and Ryan just make the emotion go overboard, and it's just a truly beautiful song.

359 Superstar - Sonic Youth (The Carpenters)

Lounge Dracula vocals with borderline Hendrixian noises and such make one forget all about the original. Haunted by a skull with long black hair.

360 I Think I Love You - ISM (Partridge Family)
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