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341 Tush - Joan Jett (ZZ Top)
342 Here Comes the Rain Again - Hypnogaja (Eurythmics)

This definitely is not the best cover ever but definitely one of the best and hundred times better than the original. And this is the best song by hypnogaja.

343 Round Here - Panic! At The Disco (Counting Crows)

This song makes grown men cry! Brendon and Ryan just make the emotion go overboard, and it's just a truly beautiful song.

344 Superstar - Sonic Youth (The Carpenters)

Lounge Dracula vocals with borderline Hendrixian noises and such make one forget all about the original. Haunted by a skull with long black hair.

345 I Think I Love You - ISM (Partridge Family)
346 You Know My Name - Poets of the Fall (Chris Cornell)

This awesome piece of cover from the famous Finnish band poets of the fall is a cover of Chris cornell's version of James Bond Casino Royale. Frankly speaking, Chris was totally eclipsed with Poets' performance!

347 (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction - Devo (The Rolling Stone)

Can't believe, it's not at least in Top 50. This is what a good cover-version is all about creating something new and different, but still respecting the original. Not just a perfect imitation, or even, just speeding or slowing the tempo down, like so many in this list.

348 Barbara Ann - Blind Guardian (Beach Boys)

Very cool metal version - Metal_Treasure

349 I'm Every Woman - Whitney Houston (Chaka Khan)
350 For the Love of You - Whitney Houston (The Isley Brothers)
351 No Woman No Cry - The Fugees (Bob Marley)
352 Smoke on the Water - AC/DC (Deep Purple)
353 Orion - Mastodon (Metallica)
354 Devil Went Down to Georgia - Steve Ouimette (Charlie Daniels Band)

What better than having a rock cover of a country song with amazing guitar solos and catchy verses and riffs? Also, very fun to play on guitar. Charlie Daniels and Steve Ouimette, I salute you both!

355 Where the Streets Have No Name - 30 Seconds to Mars (U2)

I actually don't like the u2 version but the things jared leto can do with his voice is spine tingling.

356 We Gotta Get Out of This Place - Jello Biafra With D.o.a (The Animals)

Just pure awesome. Starting slow and them building up the song. Just awesome. It surprises me how good Jello can sing after so long.

357 Bad Romance - 30 Seconds to Mars (Lady Gaga)
358 Shock the Monkey - Coal Chamber (Peter Gabriel)
359 Come Together - Rosemary (Beatles)
360 Violet Hill - Pendulum (Coldplay)

It will be a Perfect song if they made a studio version

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