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421 Street Fighting Man - The Ramones (Rolling Stones)

Especially, the version with Walter Lure!

422 Out of Time - The Ramones (Rolling Stones)
423 Substitute - The Ramones (The Who)
424 Louie Louie - The Stooges (Richard Berry)
425 I Wanna Be Your Man - The Stooges (The Beatles)
426 Wendy - Descendents (The Beach Boys)
427 Gimmie, Gimmie, Gimmie - Pennywise (Black Flag)
428 Minor Threat - Pennywise (Minor Threat)
429 It's Electric - Metallica (Diamond Head)
430 Let's Get It On - Jack Black (Marvin Gaye)
431 Third Uncle - Bauhaus (Brian Eno)

Very powerful space-punk-rock cover of Brian Eno's song. And one of my favorite Bauhaus song

432 I Want to Know What Love Is - Mariah Carey (Foreigner)
433 Voodoo Child - Stevie Ray Vaughan (Jimi Hendrix)

This should be a given. Defines a great cover.

434 Rock You Like a Hurricane - The Veronicas (Scorpions)
435 Pass the Dutchie - FM (Musical Youth)
436 La Isla Bonita - Alizee (Madonna)

This cover song of alizee is the best cover ever made. Her version is million times better than Madonna's one and I don't think Madonna or anyone could imitate this song even closely to alizee. Her version takes you to a certain new level what Madonna didn't had.

One of the stupidest comments I've read! Madonna's version is UNBEATABLE! She blows any other cover version!

437 Ring of Fire - Eric Burdon (Johnny Cash)
438 Breaking the law - Motörhead (Judas Priest)
439 Different Drum = Sussanah Hoffs (Linda Ronstadt)
440 What Is Life = Shawn Mullins (George Harrison)
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