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41 Bad Company - Five Finger Death Punch (Bad Company)

When I first heard this song it blew my mind and I wondered, "How the hell did I even not hear this version before? " This remake is sick beyond belief (in a great way)! FFDP did the song great justice and Bad Company would be PROUD at this version! It needs to be WAY higher on the list.

I feel like the cover is better than the original, easily one of my favorite songs

Horrible cover, no contest to the original

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42 Go West - Pet Shop Boys (Village People)
43 I Will Survive - Cake (Gloria Gaynor)
44 The Ghost of Tom Joad - Rage Against the Machine (Bruce Springsteen)
45 Higher Ground - Red Hot Chili Peppers (Stevie Wonder)

The Song That badly needed a cover to be good.

Sorry but how the hell is Michael Jacksons Come Together on the list.

In fact I believe that Aerosmith did the song better than Michael Jackson but not better then The Beatles.

Also Ooops!... I Did It again is a pop song not a rock song before infact Children of Bodom ruined the song.

Even though I don't mind Stevie Wonders Version too but Red Hot Chili Peppers made it their own song.

Also I should add that it is one of Red Hot Chili Peppers best songs too

My childhood was this song. I can't believe it was a cover all along. Whatever it's still amazing

One of the best bass lines to ever start a red hot chili peppers song. Ever. New album this august vote for this song if your siked

Early hit for them

46 To Feel the Fire - Gackt (Stevie Wonder) V 1 Comment
47 I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking for - Disturbed (U2)
48 Free Bird - Juliet Simms (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
49 That's All Right - Elvis Presley (Arthur Crudup)
50 Soldier of Fortune - Opeth (Deep Purple)
51 Dream On - Ronnie James Dio (Aerosmith)

It's Ronnie James Dio on vocals and Yngwie Malmsteen on guitars. - Metal_Treasure

Wow this is amazing - christangrant

Iconic song, great cover! - Metal_Treasure

52 Stairway to Heaven - Heart (Led Zeppelin)

If you've seen this video of the live performance, then you know it should be #1!

One of the best covers of what may be the greatest R & R songs ever!

53 Drift Away - Uncle Kracker (Dobie Gray)
54 Stay - 30 Seconds to Mars (Rihanna)
55 The Chauffeur - Deftones (Duran Duran)
56 Velouria - Weezer (Pixies)
57 Nothing Compares 2 U - Sinead O' Connor (Prince)

Should be so much higher, Top 20.

58 I Don't Want to Miss a Thing - Regine Velasquez (Aerosmith)

She takes one of Aerosmith's most popular song, makes it her own (without making it something totally different) and does the impossible: makes it better than the first.

listen to her R2K album and you'll see what I mean.

The album was back in 2000 yet she can still sing the song in the exact same tune. - reigne27

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59 Under Pressure- My Chemical Romance & The Used (Queen)

mcr are pro. the used arent my style but this is an awesome song - mattbellamyisagod1234

60 Paranoid - Megadeth ( Black Sabbath)

This was better than Avenged Sevenfold version - Gh_player

3 strike has a much better cover of this song

Should be top 10

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