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121 The Sound of Silence - Disturbed (Simon & Garfunkel)

Damn this is good. There is sadly a trace of vocal modification but the overall result is good.

It's a great twist on a popular song. You don't expect a heavy metal bad to remix a folk rock song

Pretty good version from their brand new album.

How can this be so low? not enough people know it?

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122 Got The Time - Anthrax (Joe Jackson)

3 time better version than original.

123 Hunter - 30 Seconds To Mars (Bjork)
124 Tom Sawyer - Deadsy (Rush)

Great remake of a classic.

125 Free Fallin' - John Mayer (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers)
126 The Seeker - Rush (The Who)
127 Making Plans for Nigel - Primus (XTC)
128 Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! - Yngwie (Abba)

Nothing's more Swedish than this cover - Yngwie covering ABBA! It's a great metal cover. - Metal_Treasure

129 Can't Help Falling in Love - Haley Reinhart (Elvis Presley)
130 Electric Eye - As I Lay Dying (Judas Priest)
131 Dream On - Dio & Malmsteen
132 Dreamer Deceiver - Skyclad (Judas Priest)
133 Let It Go - The Last Sleepless Night (Idina Menzel)
134 Love the Way You Lie - A Skylit Drive (Eminem)
135 Without You - Mariah Carey (Def Leppard)

Wow. This was a cover done by Nilsson of a Badfinger tune. Maria covered a cover of a cover. Nilsson's version was incredible and deserves to be on this list.

Even definitely Leppard thinks her cover is the right one after waiting for years for someone who could make it right...

Who wrote this, their spelling is terrible. This combination of song and voice is amazing.

136 Beat It - Fall Out Boy (Michael Jackson)

I think this version is better than the original. Yes, Michael Jackson is known as one of the greats but the original song always lacked punch. It sounded like a rock song that wasn't aloud to rock (even though the guitar solo was incredible) And this cover really lets the guitars rock! And even though Patrick Stump isn't as good a vocalist as Michael Jackson was, he sounds way more invested in the song. And John Mayer still keeps the guitar solo pretty strong. I just love this version.

This bring out the true rock power of the song!

Great cover - Th3Zm0nst3r

137 Run - Leona Lewis (Snow Patrol)
138 Lake of Fire - Nirvana (Meat Puppets)

Outstanding!! My favourite cover of all time! This song is truely emotional to listen to. R.I.P Kurt

139 Bad Romance - Halestorm (Lady Gaga)
140 Love Song - 311 (The Cure)

For as much of a douche as Nick Hexum is... this song has an amazing groove.

I like both versions, this one like many 311 songs has a good guitar sound. - NuMetalManiak

Great reggae version, but I'm sorry, Nick Hexum is no deuche. - Lemonjelo

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