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161 Right Now (Na Na Na) - Asking Alexandria (Akon)

This is totally awesome PLUS this is AA..

162 Crash Course In Brain Surgery - Metallica (Budgie)
163 Carry On Wayward Son - The Showdown (Kansas)
164 Wonderwall - Robbie Williams (Oasis)
165 Blew - Miyavi (Nirvana)

A fierce performance, with furious acoustic guitar - I think the boys of Nirvana would be entertained by Miyavi, because he is on fire! and happily insane.

166 With a Little Help From My Friends - Joe Cocker (The Beatles) V 4 Comments
167 Honesty - Beyonce (Billy Joel)
168 Always on My Mind - Pet Shop Boys (Willie Nelson)

ALWAYS ON MY MIND, Pet Shop Boys? what? Are you kidding? That song was originally done by Elvis in 1972, and then Willie ruined it. I've never heard The Pet Shop Boys version, but I'm pretty sure they ruined it too.

169 Jolene - White Stripes (Dolly Parton)

A good rock version to an old classic.

170 Torn - Natalie Imbruglia (Ednaswap)

better than the original many thought that she did the original song - ronluna

I agree with ronluna.. it's an amazing song I didn't thought that this is actually a cover song
Natalie is great her voice is angel-like.. Is that even correct? Angel-like? Buhhh whatever

171 I Love Rock 'n' Roll - Joan Jett (The Arrows)

this is the version everyone is probably most familiar with

172 Sweet Jane - The Cowboy Junkies (The Velvet Underground)
173 I'm Only Sleeping - The Vines (The Beatles)

Simply Amazing. Any Fan of either the Vines or The Beatles should listen. Heck if you love music hear this song!

174 Still Loving You - Sonata Arctica (Scorpions)

GREAT! made the song energetic! not that sobby-sobby kind like it was in the original...

V 1 Comment
175 Nocturne - Hyde (Die In Cries)
176 Another Brick in the Wall - Korn (Pink Floyd)

Jonathan Davis' vocals work great for this song. And a great guitar solo by Munky. Much better than the original, and that's saying a lot - Shake_n_Bake13

Bull, pink floyd is way better than korn, another brick in the wall was a masterpiece

This song sounds better then the original, great job Korn -

I was looking for this song on here

177 Beat It - Fall Out Boy (Michael Jackson)

I think this version is better than the original. Yes, Michael Jackson is known as one of the greats but the original song always lacked punch. It sounded like a rock song that wasn't aloud to rock (even though the guitar solo was incredible) And this cover really lets the guitars rock! And even though Patrick Stump isn't as good a vocalist as Michael Jackson was, he sounds way more invested in the song. And John Mayer still keeps the guitar solo pretty strong. I just love this version.

This bring out the true rock power of the song!

178 Holy Diver - Killswitch Engage (Dio)

Probably my all-time favorite cover :D

179 Mony Mony - Billy Idol (Tommy James & the Shondells)
180 Perfect Day - Duran Duran (Lou Reed)

Dreadful, just like all the other ones on their All-Covers-Album and I don't mind many of their own songs.

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