Best Cover Versions of Gary Moore and Phil Lynott's Out In the Fields

"Out in the Fields" is a single by former Thin Lizzy band members Gary Moore and Phil Lynott, released in 1985. The song is about the religious turmoil in their native Ireland. It was one of the last recordings made by Phil Lynott before his death on 4 January 1986.

The song was written by Gary Moore and it's one of the greatest songs I've ever heard - music, lyrics and performance. The riff is golden.

Gary Moore and Phil Lynott, as well as Thin Lizzy, are very underrated. And I was pleasantly surprised when realized that this song was covered by more than 10 metal bands. There aren't so many songs with more than 10 cover versions.

Gary Moore is probably the musician with the widest range of music genres that are also quite far from each other: blues rock, blues, hard rock, heavy metal, jazz. Yes, he released one metal album.

Covers by non-metal artists are also welcome.

The Top Ten Best Cover Versions of Gary Moore and Phil Lynott's Out In the Fields

1 Out In The Fields - Powerwolf

Powerwolf are a German power metal band.
The original song is very special - not many would consider it a metal song but maybe it is. This song has features of a metal song: it has no blues elements, the riff is a stand-alone melody different from the melody of the vocal line, the solo is a metal solo, the rhythm/beat is metal and the lyrical theme is metal, too. The song is also pretty fast and energetic. This explains why so many metal bands were inspired to do covers (mostly power metal bands). - Metal_Treasure

2 Out In The Fields - Ghost Machinery

Finnish power metal band. - Metal_Treasure

3 Out In The Fields - Sonata Arctica

Finnish power metal band. - Metal_Treasure

4 Out In The Fields - Dark At Dawn

German power metal band. - Metal_Treasure

5 Out In The Fields - Primal Fear

They even did the original duet because the lead singer (Ralf) sings Gary's part of the original and the bassist (Mat Sinner) sings Phil's part, who was a bassist, too. - Metal_Treasure

6 Out In The Fields - Riot

American metal band. - Metal_Treasure

7 Out In The Fields - Supreme Majesty

Swedish power metal band. - Metal_Treasure

8 Out In The Fields - Kotipelto & Liimatainen

Finnish metal musicians (Timo Kotipelto of Stratovarius).
This is an acoustic version. - Metal_Treasure

9 Out In The Fields - Michael Schenker

German rock/metal band. - Metal_Treasure

10 Out In The Fields - Our Fold

The Contenders

11 Out In The Fields - Art Knockout

Croatian hard' N' heavy cover band. - Metal_Treasure

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