Top 10 Cover Versions of Rainbow's Kill the King

I haven't heard of any other metal song with so many cover versions.

Kill The King is a metal song released in 1978 - music was written by Ritchie Blackmore, lyrics by Dio and it was sung by Dio.
It's one of the fastest metal songs of the 70s, if not the fastest. It's also one of the most aggressive metal songs of the 70s (maybe even the most aggressive). In my opinion all these elements make Kill The King the heaviest metal song of the 70s. And this explains why so many metal musicians have been interested in this song.

The Top Ten

1 Kill the King - Jorn

Jorn Lande did a great job. Awesome vocals. - Metal_Treasure

2 Kill the King - Adrenaline Mob

Russell Allen from Symphony X on vocals. - Metal_Treasure

3 Ronnie Rising Medley (feat. A Light In the Black, Tarot Woman, Stargazer & Kill the King) - Metallica

Metallica focused namely on Kill The King because the 2nd half of this Medley is Kill the King (the whole song). I agree - Kill the King suits them the most (speed and aggression are good for Metallica as you may know). - Metal_Treasure

4 Kill the King - Heathen
5 Kill the King - Liege Lord
6 Kill the King - Stratovarius
7 Kill the King - Primal Fear
8 Kill the King - Tarot
9 Kill the King - Candlemass
10 Kill the King - Grave Digger
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