Top 10 Cover Versions of Uriah Heep Songs

Uriah Heep are a British rock band of the 70s but they are still active.
Definitely an underground band today but seems metal bands has always been interested in Uriah Heep. Not all covers on this list are by metal bands but most of them are.
In the 70s Uriah Heep sound was a mix of art rock/prog rock/hard rock touching on metal.
Uriah Heep had great singers in the 70s - David Byron and John Lawton.

The Top Ten

1 Look At Yourself - Gamma Ray

This cover is on their 1990 album with vox by Ralf Scheepers (currently singer for Primal Fear).
Gamma Ray and Blind Guardian covers are equally good but I like better the original song Gamma Ray covered - Look At Yourself is faster than The Wizard and is kinda metal. - Metal_Treasure

2 The Wizard - Blind Guardian

Excellent cover. Blind Guardian made the original heavier and a bit faster. - Metal_Treasure

3 Easy Livin' - W.A.S.P.
4 Lady in Black - Ensiferum
5 Stealin' - Tesla
6 Easy Livin' - Oulu All Star Big Band & J. Ahola
7 Look at Yourself - Great Gig

It's a live version but it's very good - Metal_Treasure

8 Easy Livin' - Angel Dust
9 Easy Livin' - Space In Time
10 Return to Fantasy - Sacred Steel

The Contenders

11 Easy Livin' - Alex Massi
12 Sunrise - Narnia
13 Stealin' - Great Gig

Live version - Metal_Treasure

14 Look at Yourself - The Hookers

A hardcore punk version - Metal_Treasure

15 Easy Livin' - Great Gig

Live version - Metal_Treasure

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