Top 10 Covers of Aerosmith Songs


The Top Ten

1 Dream On - Ronnie James Dio & Yngwie Malmsteen

This is my favorite Aerosmith song and without a doubt, this is the most impressive Aerosmith cover. Perfect vox and guitars. - Metal_Treasure

One of the best covers ever made you know it's a great cover when Dio is singing and Malmsteen is playing guitar. - christangrant

2 Last Child - Van Halen

The cover I'm talking about was this one that was recorded in 1976 before Van Halen even released their debut album and it's a very good cover. - christangrant

3 Walk This Way - Run-DMC

This was a cover Run DMC did got really famous because it was a Collab song.This song features Steven Tyler and Joe Perry - christangrant

4 Back In the Saddle - Sebastian Bach

Pretty good cover Axl Rose was a nice bonus too. - christangrant

5 Nobody's Fault - Testament

Testament did a good job here. - christangrant

6 Toys in the Attic - Metal Church

It's from their 6th studio the album that featured the return of David Wayne, it's a pretty good cover they pretty metalized the song - christangrant

7 Round and Round - Tim Ripper Owens

Pretty good cover Owens does a good job here - christangrant

8 Rag Doll - Ted Nugent
9 Mama Kin - Guns N' Roses

From their 2nd album Guns N' Roses Lies - christangrant

10 Living On the Edge - Stevie Salas & John Corabi

The Contenders

11 Seasons of Wither - Tesla
12 Cryin' - Jeff Scott Soto
13 Let the Music Do the Talking - Joe Lynn Turner
14 Eat the Rich - Jack Russell & Doug Aldrich
15 Kings and Queens - Glenn Hughes & Steve Lukather
16 Draw the Line - Testament
17 Sweet Emotion - Jack Blades & Tommy Shaw
18 Same Old Song and Dance - Jack Russell
19 Chip Away the Stone - Vince Neil
20 Toys in the Attic - R.E.M.
21 Toys in the Attic - Warrant
22 Toys In the Attic - Stephen Pearcy & Tracii Guns
23 Lord of the Thighs - Danzig
24 Rats in the Cellar - Richie Kotzen
25 What It Takes - Waddy Wachtel & Bobby Kimball
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