Top 10 Covers of Black Sabbath Songs


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1 Neon Knights - Anthrax

To me this is the best Black Sabbath cover (Dio song). - Metal_Treasure

2 Children of the Grave - Havok

A great cover, one of the best ever - the song sounds "more metal". Love the double bass drumming. - Metal_Treasure

3 Symptom of the Universe - Sepultura

Lol. This is how one would imagine, with middle screams and groove metal vocals. bleh. - SoldierOfFortune

4 Into the Void - Exhorder

I love this cover its even heavier than the orginal which was already pretty heavy oh this reminds me of Pantera - christangrant

5 The Mob Rules - Adrenaline Mob

Russell Allen of Symphony X sings it - great powerful voice. - Metal_Treasure

6 Children of the Grave - Amon Amarth
7 Paranoid - Type O Negative

Oh and when you get to the half way point the riff of Iron Man can be heard - christangrant

I like how they took a 3 minute song and turned it into a 7 minute song - christangrant

8 Electric Funeral - Pantera
9 Paranoid - Megadeth
10 Heaven and Hell - Stryper

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11 Black Sabbath - Type O Negative

Replacing "Find out I'm the chosen one" with "I AM THE CHOSEN ONE." Nice, adds more creepiness - SoldierOfFortune

Man this cover is wired and creepy - christangrant

12 Heaven and Hell - Solitude Aeturnus
13 Hole in the Sky - Pantera
14 Sabbra Cadabra - Metallica
15 Hand of Doom - Slayer

This was actually really good - mmarce445

16 Heaven and Hell - Benedictum
17 Under the Sun - Soulfly
18 Planet Caravan - Pantera
19 War Pigs - Faith No More
20 Iron Man - Ozzy Osbourne

Randy Rhoads! - SoldierOfFortune

21 Black Sabbath Medley - Candlemass

It contains the songs: Symptom of the Universe,Sweet Leaf, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Into the Void, Electric Funeral Supernaut and Black Sabbath - christangrant

22 Snowblind - System of a Down

Trash as far as I can tell by the sample - SoldierOfFortune

Ouch!... what is this? - Metal_Treasure

23 Into the Void - Soundgarden

Voting for this in memory of Chris Cornell - christangrant

24 Sabbath Bloody Sabbath - Godspeed & Bruce Dickinson

Accidently voted but anyway this is a good cover - christangrant

25 Children of the Grave - Ted Kirkpatrick

This has Tim Ripper Owens on Vocals - christangrant

26 N.I.B. - Primus & Ozzy Osborne
27 Children of the Grave - Master
28 Paranoid - Metallica
29 Headless Cross - Stargazery

I'm adding this because I want a Tony Martin era cover on here - christangrant

Someone needs to cover a song from Seventh Star then this list will have covers for all singers of BS - christangrant

30 Electric Funeral - Iced Earth
31 Heaven and Hell - Manowar
32 Black Sabbath - Vader
33 Children of the Grave - White Zombie
34 Sabbath Bloody Sabbath - Anthrax
35 Never Say Die - Megadeth
36 Into the Void - Kyuss
37 Hole in the Sky - Machine Head
38 War Pigs - Ted Kirkpatrick

So this one gets a sample but the other one doesn't? - christangrant

This has Chris Jericho Singing - christangrant

39 After Forever - Biohazard
40 Black Sabbath - Iced Earth
41 Changes - Overkill

This cover is a good cover but I don't like it that much because I don't like the original version of the song it's one of Sabbath's worst from the albums with Ozzy - christangrant

42 Die Young - Primal Fear
43 Fairies Wear Boots - Fozzy
44 Hand of Doom - Danzig
45 Hole in the Sky - Overkill
46 It's Alright - Guns N' Roses
47 Paranoid - Avenged Sevenfold
48 Mob Rules - Iced Earth
49 N.I.B. - Ugly Kid Joe
50 Zero the Hero - Cannibal Corpse

No, someone added it! I can understand growls with a death metal guitar, drums, etc backtrack but when you add them to a classic heavy song, it kills it. You expect something like Ian Gillan's voice but when you get the cookie monster, you want ice cream instead. - SoldierOfFortune

To my knowledge this is probally the best Ian Gillian sabbath cover - christangrant

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1. Children of the Grave - Havok
2. Neon Knights - Anthrax
3. Symptom of the Universe - Sepultura
1. Neon Knights - Anthrax
2. Children of the Grave - Havok
3. Symptom of the Universe - Sepultura


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