Best Covers of Classical / Opera Songs

Take classic music, and then think who made the best cover with modern arrangements, it can be only the music or songs.
Take the song and then who made the cover in parenthesis.

The Top Ten

1 Vocalise, Op. 34 No. 14 (Jackie Evancho) Vocalise, Op. 34 No. 14 (Jackie Evancho)

Far beyond any voice ever recorded.

Vocalise Op.34 No.14, by Sergei Rachmaninoff, 1915. Written for soprano or tenor.

Amazing. Jackie was just on the cusp of 13/14 years of age when she tackled this difficult work. It's otherworldly and beautiful. - BobG

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2 Nessun Dorma (Jackie Evancho) Nessun Dorma (Jackie Evancho)

Her performance of this song as a guest on Britain's Got Talent was the most amazing that I've ever seen or heard. - BobG

Like no other... Jackie Evancho singing Nessun Dorma is un-believable, but real... Even the master has to kneel to Jackie singing this song...

A great achievement!
Jackie Evancho brought classical music back into my life.

Now performing it again in concert with David Foster, and on her own tour �� - Trancas

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3 Ombra Mai Fu (Jackie Evancho) Ombra Mai Fu (Jackie Evancho)

Jackie first sang this at the age of 11. Now age 15, she has performed it at nearly every concert she has done. Obviously she likes it; I think it's one of her greatest songs. - BobG

4 O Mio Babbino Caro (Jackie Evancho) O Mio Babbino Caro (Jackie Evancho)

This is the song that got everyone's attention at her first performance on America's Got Talent. Since then, many talent show hopefuls have given it a try, but none of them comes close to Jackie on this song. - BobG

5 Lucia di lammermoor (Vitas)
6 Devil's Trill (Vanessa Mae)
7 Devil's Trill (Metal version for Yami no Matsuei OST)
8 Son qual nave ch'agitata (Cecilia Bartoli)
9 Flight of the Bumblebee (Bobby Mc Ferrin)
10 Mozart's Symphony N°40 (Klazz brothers with Cuba percussions - Mambo version)

The Contenders

11 La Donna e Mobile (Vitas)
12 Corelli's La Folia (Dan Mumm - Electric Guitar Arrangement)
13 Blue Danube (Wakkorotti - Animaniacs)
14 Midnight Garden - Bond (Swan Lake)
15 Flight of the Bumblebee (Al Hirt)
16 Beck's Bolero (Jeff Beck) Beck's Bolero (Jeff Beck)
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