Top 10 Covers of Deep Purple's Song Highway Star

This was a very important song in metal history as it was influential towards pretty much every metal band that has came after and several bands have covered this song so here are the best covers.

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1 Highway Star - Metal Church

I love this list - Highway Star is my favorite Deep Purple song. I will never get tired of it. - Metal_Treasure

To me this is the best cover of the song - christangrant

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2 Highway Star - Chickenfoot

Chickenfoot is a rock supergroup with guitarist Joe Satriani and singer Sammy Hagar. But it was the bassist Michael Anthony who did the signature intro scream and he did it really well. - Metal_Treasure

This is a live cover - christangrant

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3 Highway Star - Stryper UListen to Sample
4 Highway Star - Type O Negative

All Doom metal bands were influenced by Black Sabbath but Type O Negative were influenced by Deep Purple as well - christangrant

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5 Highway Star - Steve Vai, Glenn Hughes, Chad Smith & Lachlan Doley UListen to Sample
6 Highway Star - Buckcherry

They skipped the keyboard solo and the screams but on the whole their cover is very good - Metal_Treasure

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7 Highway Star - Shining Fury
8 Highway Star - Dream Theater

This is a live cover - christangrant

9 Highway Star - Alter Bridge

This has to be the fastest song they've ever played but they play it very good - Metal_Treasure

This is a live cover - christangrant

10 Highway Star - Acid Drinkers UListen to Sample

The Contenders

11 Highway Star - At Vance UListen to Sample
12 Highway Star - Faith No More

Faith No More covered Highway Star? - Userguy44

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1. Highway Star - Metal Church
2. Highway Star - Chickenfoot
3. Highway Star - Stryper
1. Highway Star - Chickenfoot
2. Highway Star - Metal Church
3. Highway Star - Stryper


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