Top 10 Covers Of Metallica's Nothing Else Matters


The Top Ten

1 Nothing Else Matters - Smith & Myers

Acoustic Cover by Smith & Myers of Shinedown - Metal_Treasure

The whole Smith and Myers eps were awesome, hope they do something like that again. - RustyNail

2 Nothing Else Matters - Godsmack
3 Nothing Else Matters - Robyn Cage

She is a singer and pianist and sang the song beautifully. Very emotional as well. The vulnerability in her voice is perhaps the strongest side of this cover. - Metal_Treasure

4 Nothing Else Matters - Joe Lynn Turner

Joe Lynn Turner is one of the former lead singers for Rainbow, Deep Purple, Yngwie. - Metal_Treasure

5 Nothing Else Matters - Gregorian

A very interesting version of the song that includes Gregorian chanting - Metal_Treasure

6 Nothing Else Matters - Marlisa

Marlisa (full name Marlisa Ann Punzalan) won the sixth season of The X Factor Australia in 2014.
I can't deny her voice is very beautiful. And she was a teen when recorded this cover. - Metal_Treasure

7 Nothing Else Matters - Apocalyptica

I love it but I put it lower only because it's an instrumental cover (on 4 cellos) and many people don't like instrumental music. - Metal_Treasure

8 Nothing Else Matters - Savatage
9 Nothing Else Matters - Doro

Doro is Doro Pesch - Metal_Treasure

10 Nothing Else Matters - Shakira

A live cover from Paris.
Who knew Shakira liked Metallica? - Metal_Treasure

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