Top 10 Covers of Queen Songs


The Top Ten

1 Stone Cold Crazy - Metallica

They made Queens heaviest song (Which is the first Thrash Song) into a even heavier song it even won a Grammy - christangrant

2 Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen, Elton John & Axl Rose

This is the best cover of Bohemian Rhapsody in my opinion, Elton John sang it perfectly and Axl did good too. - christangrant

3 Bohemian Rhapsody - Bruce Dickinson & Montserrat Caballe

Montserrat Caballe was the same person who worked with Freddie Mercury for an album titled Barcelona which contains the well known song of the same name - christangrant

One of the best covers of This song a 1000 times better than Panic! At the Discos version and Infintley better than Kayne's pathetic lazy excuse of a cover - christangrant

4 Love of My Life - Scorpions

This is a excellent live cover of this song look it up on YouTube - christangrant

5 Bohemian Rhapsody - Parasyche Bohemian Rhapsody - Parasyche

They made a great cover and even better they added impressions of other famous singers in rock and Metal (and even Darth Vader! ) - christangrant

6 Tie Your Mother Down - Lemmy Kilmister & Ted Nugent
7 Bohemian Rhapsody - Between the Buried and Me
8 Spread Your Wings - Blind Guardian
9 Dragon Attack - Testament
10 Bicycle Race - Between the Buried and Me

The Contenders

11 We Will Rock You - Nickelback

Yes Nickelback did cover this song however it works and its not a bad cover - christangrant

This cover is actually very good. - Metal_Treasure

12 Death on Two Legs - Dream Theater
13 We are the Champions - Green Day
14 Who Wants to Live Forever - Breaking Benjamin
15 Under Pressure - The Used & My Chemical Romance
16 Innuendo - Queensryche
17 Get Down, Make Love - Nine Inch Nails
18 Tie Your Mother Down - Krokus
19 Dear Friends - Def Leppard
20 Innuendo - Lords of Black
21 Bicycle Race - Bl├╝mchen
22 Bohemian Rhapsody - P!nk

The only person other than Freddie I have heard that actually managed to sing this song emotionally. All the others just tried to strictly copy the original.
P! nk may have sung only one voice on the opera segment, but it was live, so what was she supposed to do? - Martin_Canine

23 Radio Gaga - Niic
24 Somebody to Love - Frank Turner
25 Bohemian Rhapsody - Panic! at the Disco
26 Somebody to Love - Queen & George Michael
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