Top Ten Cow Chop Videos

Cow Chop is a YouTube channel run by former Creatures (another current YouTube group & company) Aleks Marchant [ImmortalHD] and James Wilson [Uberhaxornova]. They have many personalities also behind the camera and in the editing rooms including Aron [StaleRender], Trevor [ModestCube], Joe [MrJoeExtreme], Asher, and Anna. They also have an executive producer in Brett Hundley [HungryHundar].

The Top Ten Cow Chop Videos

1 55 Gallons of Passion Lube [Amazon Prime Time]
2 Infinity Gauntlet Cooking Challenge
3 Snug Love Tunnel [Wrong Side of YouTube]
4 Aleks Epic Military Grade Stink Bomb Prank
5 Ice Cream Brownie Disaster
6 Camping Disaster
7 The Rock Diet Challenge
8 First Video
9 Extreme Water Rafting
10 The Success Story
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