Top Ten Coziest and Happiest Months


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1 December

No matter what holiday you celebrate, this month is the happiest and coziest. - Kevie16

2 November

I am a fall person, so obviously this month makes me happy. - Kevie16

3 January

Snow everywhere (if you live north like me) which makes you stay inside and get under the blankets! - Kevie16

4 April

For me, staying inside on a rainy day is so satisfying. - Kevie16

5 October

Leaves crunching under my feet is one of my favorite noises. - Kevie16

6 February

The heart of the winter season is the best time to cuddle by the fire. - Kevie16

7 June

Not that cozy, but happiness rushes through everyone during this first month of summer - Kevie16

8 March

A mix between winter and spring, the coziest season and the happiest season. - Kevie16

9 July

A happy time of year. - Kevie16

10 May

Flowers and a light breeze are what comes with May. It is a happy month. - Kevie16

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