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1 The Only 8 Types of TV Shows That Get Made

"People on different sides of the law learning that while they're very different, deep down inside they're all just the same."
"Isn't... Did we just make The Wire? " - timelord44

2 Why Disney's 'Aladdin' Is Secretly Horrifying

Every time I watch an After Hours video I think 'I never would have thought about that. ' And it always makes sense. This is no exception. - timelord44

3 Four Reasons Spider-Man Is Secretly Bad At His Job

"Okay, I get it. Spiderman is evil."
Poor Dan... - timelord44

4 Four Disney Movie Villains Who Were Right All Along

This was the one that got me hooked on the series, and I've been loving it. Everybody I explain this theory to refuses to believe that Scar is better than Mufasa. - timelord44

5 The 10 Most Secretly Ridiculous Moments In Classic Movies

"The room would just be full of grunts and, like, sneaker squeaks? "
Well when you say it like that... - timelord44

6 The Horrifying Truth About Life Inside Of Movie Musicals

Yup... I've thought about this before. And it's all true. All the background characters are slaves of the main character. - timelord44

7 Why Mario Is Secretly A Douchebag

He gets off on saving Peach? Hmm... I'll have to play Super Mario Bros again to see if I agree... - timelord44

8 The Best Super Power (Is Not What You Think)

Definitely didn't change my mind on wanting to be invisible, that's for sure... - timelord44

9 Why Pixar Movies Are All Secretly About The Apocalypse

Okay, so I heard this theory on another video before I saw this one, but I think this one explained it better (plus they made it funny, which is how they work). - timelord44

10 11 Movie Alternate Dimensions With Horrifying Downsides

Mostly I liked everything about psycho Soren... But they did bring up some good points. - timelord44

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11 The Four Best Movie Universes to Die In

Story-wise, this is just sweet(if not at all helpful for Soren) and shows care in the relationships between the characters(Okay, not Michael) of after hours. It's content, the arguments made for each movie death, are mostly solid. This is overall just a great after hours episode.

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1. The Only 8 Types of TV Shows That Get Made
2. Why Disney's 'Aladdin' Is Secretly Horrifying
3. Four Reasons Spider-Man Is Secretly Bad At His Job


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