Best Cradle of Filth Songs

Arguably one of the best death metal bands of Europe. No one can match their sinister compositions.

The Top Ten Best Cradle of Filth Songs

1 Nymphetamine Fix

This should definitely be number one. This song is the very definition of 'Haunting'

because this song is the most beautiful gothic metal ballad ever made

This is the WORST song of the band I love. It is their most soft, slow, clean and most radio friendly of all the songs they have ever made. It is no surprise to me that all the young "fan" voted this #1. Truely sad that a great band has such am unintelligent and ignorant fanbase. Very funny that the song that sounds least like Cradle is at the top. Wow! Oh well they made some money for making more simplistic music.


2 Her Ghost in the Fog

his voice is just creepy, which is a good thing :p
it also has so many different melodies in it

The song is awesome... One of my favorites... The guitar and the vocal is just exceptional... It should be the best cradle of filth song... Its one of the best gothic metal songs in the world... I love it

Unbelievably, Fantasticly Immense in every way known to mankind
I especially love the part with the woman's voice at the same tie as Dani's

The lyrics are probably their best, not to mention the music, and the voices are amazing on this song. Their best of all time in my humble opinion

3 Hallowed Be Thy Name

Truly Amazing cover... NO offense against Iron Maiden.. But COF gave this song
A new perspective..

Great composition by maiden... but cradle of filth gave it a great kickass death metal taste m/

a revival, but definitely they kicked it with their own style...

Although maiden created this song but c o f has made real justice upon hallowed be thy name, all its rhythm and tunes are fabulous

4 Dusk and Her Embrace

This song was playing whilst I was being born (literally I'm 14) and think I will forever be a cradle of filth fan for the rest of my life thanks to this, one of the most amazing songs ever

Very underrated song. People think this is scream but this is full of magic, excellent literature and this is 6 minutes full of madness.

A masterpiece of kind its kind

This song and album is by far the best music ever written period bar none.

5 A Gothic Romance

Very awesome song it should be in top 5! I didn, t thought that it would be in 19.. It is an insult to cardle of filth - nooreldeen

I think there are better cof songs than this but this should be at least at top 10

Amazing song! A true symphonic black metal masterpiece! This music and lyrics have such beauty to them.

This song is the the perfect blend of beauty and heart break

6 From the Cradle to Enslave

This is great song... I never expected to see this song below! It is the first music video by Cradle of Filth in 1999 and it rocks... also I lake to say there is another kick-ass song called THE DEATH OF LOVE and it should be #1 but what? Its not on the list!

Cradle to enslave and 'of dark blood and f#cking' which is absent from this list for some unknown reason are the 2 best songs ever made.

Best song ever. Period. The newer Cradle stuff has just become too generic, too much like pop

Awesome song, but don't hate on their new stuff. I mean, it's still Cradle of Filth, right?

Video is smashing! But music is a piece of art. In this song is everything!

7 Funeral in Carpathia

This song is a masterpiece

This song captures everything CoF is in one amazing piece.

Older works COF.. But masterpiece it is! Guys try this one

8 Queen of Winter, Throned

I had listened and loved this band for 4 years before discovering this song. When I did it gave me so much appreciation for them. How many songs can make you think, it's about to end and it could have been any better. Then all the sudden 5 more minutes of master piece. This band isn't just about music. It's like a drug you take to enter a whole new gothicly delicious world.

Truly a masterpiece! I'm appalled at how far from the top this is. This one blows most of the top ten out of the water with ease.

Simply epic from start to finish

Just amazing, epic last 2 minutes

9 Bathory Aria

11 minutes of pure blood curling anthem - tejusmessibmw5

Every time I listen to this song, full I am like what 10 minutes I over! Then I listen to it over again and again and I can't get enough of it. very well combined song, both sentiment and metal. cradle of filth is the real deal. Black metal = Cradle of filth!

"Snuffed tapers sighed
As Death left impressing
His crest of cold tears on the Countess"

The best song ever

This is the only cool song in here. Whoever made this list really likes Thornography and hates Damnation and a Day. Any Cruelty and the Beast song beats everything in here. And by the way, Cruelty Brought the Orchids should be added here...

10 Lilith Immaculate

The screams in this song are really haunting, can't believe it's only at number 9

Lilith Kingdom Will COME SOON

This is the song that brought me into COF, my first gothic metal song. And the greatest!

Heavy riffs, beautiful melodies, some of Marthus' best drumming, and sexy as hell.

The Contenders

11 The Death of Love

Best song I ever heard. Still haven't listen to all their songs so don't take my word for it

Ultimatom riffs, Dani and womans sound are great mix.
Absoulately No. 1

It's not like old cradle but I admit it is a beautiful song

Perfect riffs and lyrics

12 The Forest Whispers My Name

It's a Top 10 song. People must have forgotten how good it is.

Opening riff is the best!

It's still unmatched.

13 Forgive Me Father (I Have Sinned)

Why isn't people liking this?

I'm afraid to tell u that beneath the howling stars is nowhere near their best song and neither is this.

Love this song allong with the black metal critics to the relligion dani filth brings the essence of black metal

Love this song and why the hell « beneath the holling stars » is not at first place? You call yourselves metalheads..

14 Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids

Such a powerful song I believe this And haunted shores should be in the top 5

Beautiful and haunting song, a masterpiece.

Should be way higher up! Amazing song.

Best cradle of filth song!

15 For Your Vulgar Delectation

There not as heavy as old cradle albums but they are still heavy, I don't think old cradle fans have even given manticore a chance after the darkly darker album,

Good Riff. Good Drums. Should be way up higher even if not in top 5. Very tight song... @Moriarty

Great song,Of got all cradle cds an manticore and hammer by witches are as heavy as any of them.

16 Summer Dying Fast

"Appear, draped in terror

To the comfort of your kin

Stain the milky sunset red, and let the others in"

I get goose bumps every time

A masterpiece, a perfect way to end the amazing principle of evil made flesh album

17 The Abhorrent


1 of my favourite songs period.

18 Temptation

Absolute garbage to put it nicely.

How could this crap even be listed.

The worst song of cradle of filth.

This song should be in the top five, it has triggered my addiction to COF. The female voice in this song is very unique.

19 Heaven Torn Asunder

The beginning of this song is awesome! The high scream is just epic! - metalfan1999

20 Foetus of a New Day Kicking

This song should be number one, not the ever-so-mainstream Nymphetamine Fix! Always my favourite.

Reminded me of maiden.. Amazing riffs.. And danny actually sings in this song... Killer!

It is very amazing song really :) and actually dani filth sings normally at this song without growling I mean
And also where are songs like Gothic Romance, Dusk and Her Embrace, Malice Through The Looking Glass but anyway Nymphetamine is the best m/ - nooreldeen

Easily 1 of the worst cradle songs ever period.

21 Absinthe with Faust

This is a softer side of cof compared to other songs but it has one of the best melodies and lyrics cof has composed. It has my vote

22 Nocturnal Supremacy
23 Huge Onyx Wings Behind Despair
24 Thirteen Autumns and a Widow
25 The Black Goddess Rises
26 Saffron's Curse

Simply epic, the very peak of cradle of filth's creative genius.

Danis screams are mindblowing.

27 Nemesis

Epic haunting verses, and then brutally beautiful fast parts. Guitars are great, drums are on point, and the vocal... Just wow... One of their best for sure!

I'm getting a tat with a verse from this song across my heart.

This is very nice song... This must be moved up...

28 Principle of Evil Made Flesh

This song doesn't get enough love. The middle of the composition is unrivaled in its intensity. "I slay the lamb in..." That part.

Extremely amazing start. Both the Black Metal and the remastered version always give me chills.

I can't believe this is so low on the list. Lol this album came out before I was even born, but I like it most. This track is awesome, raw and aggressive. It also contains good Dani Filth vocals (not his controversial new technique). I love this track and the entire album - metalfan1999

29 Malice Through the Looking Glass

In terms of melody and mood this is their #1

5 minutes of filthy cradleness

30 Cthulhu Dawn

Best song are u kidding me? Have u not heard cradle to enslave, or any of their earlier albums.

Best song off their best album.

Instrumentation on the first verse is just perfect. this track is a gem

31 Stay

This is the Best ever song from this band "Cradle of Filth" I just love this song, it should be the number one.

This should be one of the top ten.

This is a very good. It should be in top 10

The song is a complete joke and I mean that literally.

32 Beauty Slept in Sodom

This so blows away most of the songs higher on this list. Makes me wonder if some of the voters have only heard their newer material, or maybe I'm just old.

33 Scorched Earth Erotica

The instruments and Vocals are amazing!... Video is so damn haunting.
Love this song

The instruments and Vocals are amazing!... Video is so damn haunting.
Love this song

34 Frost On Her Pillow

Awesomely fast and cool guitar cover

35 Mannequin

From the creepy intro by a girl to the last beat of the song... Mannequin gives you the taste of blood laced pentagram!

Amazing guitar riff that will stick with you, Adrian's syncopated drums are as fast and brutal as ever, the lyrics are great and Dani gives one of his best performances on the record. Not to mention the amazing video directed by Thomas Mignone. Classic!

Great song I don't get why this album isn't spoken about more it's cradle at their best in my opinion

36 No Time to Cry

Come on now, someone listen to the original of this song and tell me this isn't creative. Structure, intensity & dynamics are amazing!

Cradle should be ashamed of this song, especially to be put on such a great album.

I think this should be more higher on the list.

This should have been among the top tens

37 The Fire Still Burns

Awesome instrumentals combined with Dani's vocals. Yup teh fire is still burnin' - tejusmessibmw5

38 Tonight in Flames

Can't believe this song is listed here it must be at least at the top 10, This song has a Insane truama!


39 Medusa and Hemlock

Should be number 1, but its not even listed. Pure black madness.

Great Song deserves a higher place on the list

40 The Twisted Nails of Faith

Their best song. The start is pure metal genius you think it's going to be heavy then the vocals ramp it up another level. If the last couple of minutes don't make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, there is something wrong with you.

41 Lord Abortion

Brutal composition this song is one of their best!

Best lyrics and almost best musically

Incredible masterpiece, pisses on nymphamine

42 Lustmord and Wargasm
43 Gilded C***

Dani becomes a 10000 watt human sound box, can make dead stand up in attention, "Nothing is above Dani, save aureole light".

Wicked live!

44 Gabrielle
45 Illicitus

Such a great song!

46 Coffin Fodder

In terms of listening to this band while your working out, this song has pushed me past many limits. Maybe not there best composure, but the riffs alone in this song stand out so far above other bands abilities to make you just lose yourself in the music and just feel it.

47 Beneath the Howling Stars
48 Doberman Pharaoh
49 The 13th Caesar
50 Devil to the Metal

A really epic song often looked over. Could probably compete with Her Ghost in the Fog

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