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21 The Abhorrent


1 of my favourite songs period.

22 Mannequin

From the creepy intro by a girl to the last beat of the song... Mannequin gives you the taste of blood laced pentagram!

Amazing guitar riff that will stick with you, Adrian's syncopated drums are as fast and brutal as ever, the lyrics are great and Dani gives one of his best performances on the record. Not to mention the amazing video directed by Thomas Mignone. Classic!

Great song I don't get why this album isn't spoken about more it's cradle at their best in my opinion

23 Queen of Winter, Throned

I had listened and loved this band for 4 years before discovering this song. When I did it gave me so much appreciation for them. How many songs can make you think, it's about to end and it could have been any better. Then all the sudden 5 more minutes of master piece. This band isn't just about music. It's like a drug you take to enter a whole new gothicly delicious world.

Truly a masterpiece! I'm appalled at how far from the top this is. This one blows most of the top ten out of the water with ease.

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24 Huge Onyx Wings Behind Despair
25 Gilded C***

Dani becomes a 10000 watt human sound box, can make dead stand up in attention, "Nothing is above Dani, save aureole light".

Wicked live!

26 Lord Abortion

Brutal composition this song is one of their best!

Best lyrics and almost best musically

Incredible masterpiece, pisses on nymphamine

27 Tonight in Flames

Can't believe this song is listed here it must be at least at the top 10, This song has a Insane truama!


28 Temptation

Absolute garbage to put it nicely.

How could this crap even be listed.

The worst song of cradle of filth.

I agree! should be in top 5

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29 Coffin Fodder

In terms of listening to this band while your working out, this song has pushed me past many limits. Maybe not there best composure, but the riffs alone in this song stand out so far above other bands abilities to make you just lose yourself in the music and just feel it.

30 Doberman Pharaoh
31 Tortured Soul Asylum

Creeping intro! This song is, with Tearing the Veil from grace and Her ghost in the Fog, the best of cradle of filth compositions! Nymphetamine? Nothing compared to them

32 Thirteen Autumns and a Widow
33 Better to Reign in Hell
34 Principle of Evil Made Flesh

This song doesn't get enough love. The middle of the composition is unrivaled in its intensity. "I slay the lamb in..." That part.

Extremely amazing start. Both the Black Metal and the remastered version always give me chills.

I can't believe this is so low on the list. Lol this album came out before I was even born, but I like it most. This track is awesome, raw and aggressive. It also contains good Dani Filth vocals (not his controversial new technique). I love this track and the entire album - metalfan1999

35 Stay

This is the Best ever song from this band "Cradle of Filth" I just love this song, it should be the number one.

This should be one of the top ten.

This is a very good. It should be in top 10

1 of there best songs are u serious? more like 1 of their worst by far.

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36 Malice Through the Looking Glass

In terms of melody and mood this is their #1

5 minutes of filthy cradleness

37 Scorched Earth Erotica

The instruments and Vocals are amazing!... Video is so damn haunting.
Love this song

The instruments and Vocals are amazing!... Video is so damn haunting.
Love this song

38 The 13th Caesar
39 Nemesis

Epic haunting verses, and then brutally beautiful fast parts. Guitars are great, drums are on point, and the vocal... Just wow... One of their best for sure!

I'm getting a tat with a verse from this song across my heart.

This is very nice song... This must be moved up...

40 Beauty Slept in Sodom

This so blows away most of the songs higher on this list. Makes me wonder if some of the voters have only heard their newer material, or maybe I'm just old.

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