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1 Crash Bandicoot Crash Bandicoot Crash Bandicoot is a video game franchise of platform video games. The series, originally exclusive to the Sony PlayStation, was created by Andy Gavin and Jason Rubin during their tenure at Naughty Dog for Sony Computer Entertainment.

Lol why would it not be Crash

The main character.

It's Crash Bandicoot. Of course he's number 1. I'd say N. Gin is definitely deserving of No.2 but Cortex should be No.3. Crash Bandicoot is one of the greatest series ever created! Especially the Naughty Dog games.

He's Crash Bandicoot. He's the whole reason the game was made. How could he not be first?

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2 N-Gin

"Well, I've made a few... MODIFICATIONS to my mechanics since our last encounter." - xandermartin98

He has a missile in his head! How ' awesome is that?!

He was crack up every time he said something it was funny

Cool but also creeps me out

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3 Neo Cortex Neo Cortex

If you have played Crash Twinsanity you will 100% know why I vote for him

Awesome in Crash Twinsanity, very charismatic and fun character

He's one of my favourite villains, and he got some pretty funny quotes. For example: "Defeated again! This is not fair! Maybe I should retire to a nice, big beach with a nice, big drink. And a woman with nice, big... bags of ice for my head..." (From CB3: Warped)

He was one of my favourite villains and he's pretty funny too, not to mention that he's also my fave design as well as N. Gin

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4 Dingodile Dingodile

"Watch as I sneak up behind this cart! "

He is a mix of a dingo and a crocodile, has an austrailian accent, and has a giant flamethrower.

This guy is the beast! I'm surprised he isn't number one, I mean come on, flame-thrower wielding badass crocodile! Win.

Think about the first time you played Crash Bandicoot: Warped. Now remember the first time you fought in the boss battle with Dingodile. I think you see my point now.

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5 Tiny Tiger

Tiny is by far my favorite and I refused to ever play Crash Bash with my friends unless I was Tiny tiger. This guy was definitely an awesome boss in Warped but not very hard to beat compared to his size

Baddest character on the game! All the other villians look like jokes except Dingodile.

Tiny was probably the most consistently fun boss in the Crash Bandicoot series. Although he isn't completely the best character, every game he appeared in, he has been one of my favorite bosses due to the replayability and overall fun factor.

I used to absolutely love Tiny Tiger for some reason.

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6 Ripper Roo Ripper Roo

This boss is great! - B1ueNew

Ripper Roo and Pasadena O'Possum, or Ripper Roo and Coco Bandioot! Coco also would make an even better couple as Koala Kong and Coco or Coco and Rilla Roo! Pasadena and Crash would be good too!

Number 14? He needs to be way higher. Come on he's a classic! He's "The Joker" of the Crash world. Easily top 5.

Ripper roo is sick, he is an insane kangaroo. Haven't seen anything like that have you?!?

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7 Coco Bandicoot Coco Bandicoot

Was my favorite when I was a child. I played tag team racing though. (It's the best game to be honest)

Where is this image even from? - Nonpointed

She is cute and is voiced by jimmy neutron.

Coco Looked Like a Cute Little early Teenager 13-year-old In Crash Of The Titans! Coco Bandicoot Looked Best In Crash Of The Titans! Coco and Rilla Roo, Coco and Koala Kong, or Coco and Ripper Roo would all make great couples!

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8 Crunch Bandicoot

So cool in crash nitro kart and crash of the titans...but in mind over mutant he is ugly

Crunch was a pretty boss in Wrath of Cortex and he's preetier in Crash of The Titans. I knew he wouldn't be at the top and I respect others opinions so that's it.

9 Polar

Great character in the racing games and he's so cute!

Polar was an awesome character,besides the non-existent character development he shined a lot in C2 and CTR. And he is so cute!

10 Nina Cortex

Nina Was Only Cool In Crash Of THe Titans and Crash Mind Over Mutant. She Was Terrible In Crash Twinsanity.

She looked good in crash of the titans and mind over mutant, but ugly in earlier games such as crash twinsanity, crash tag team, and ripto's rampage.

She looks pretty in Crash Of The Titans and Crash Mind Over Mutant, and ugly in Ripto's Rampage, Crash Twinsanity, and Crash Tag Team Racing! Nina Cortex and Koala Kong would be so cute together!

Nina brings a whole other side to the Crash Bandicoot games. She is the only one who actually ha some sense while the others are a bit of a joke.

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11 Doctor Nitrus Brio

Brio was the only character in the Crash Bandicoot series that I think was better in Mind Over Mutant. Every single other character was absolutely awful in both character design and personality.

I'm talking about the Crash Bandicoot and Crash Bandicoot: Cortex strikes back Brio, not the new one

He was in the FIRST GAME!

I like N. Brio

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12 Koala Kong Koala Kong

He is lumping awesome a huge adorable koala bear I mean come on

Is the best character ever

13 Uka Uka

I love his ability in Crash 3 to be able to take over Cortex's body movements by sticking to his face, it was really cool how he could do so to be a full character, more than just a mask.

He Looked Good In Crash Of The Titans and Crash Mind Over Mutant!

Beast mode in crash of the titans.

14 Pinstripe Potoroo Pinstripe Potoroo

Why's he so low? A New York, Italian American, tommy gun wielding, mafia don. Was really disappointed he was only really in 2 games, was great fun and a great character

Pinstripe is awesome. I'm still questioning why there's a mob boss in a kids game.

I gotta hand it to pinstripe for being that one really badass character in the original game. A tommy gun wielding mafia boss in the form of a potoroo was one of the most unique characters in the crash bandicoot series, and really stands out as a nice change from the overall funny goofiness of the game with his get-sh*t-done attitude while still not being too serious for the game that he appeared in. I also enjoy his boss battle for being more realistic of a fight than others, which, again, is a cool switch-up, although the Crash 2 N-Gin and the Crash 3 Dingodile were both close seconds due to the overall fun factor.

15 Pura

He's so cutest.

No one has commented on Pura but if it's so cute

16 N-Tropy

N. Tropy is a master of time and quantum warp technology, and an old friend of Uka Uka's. Tropy has the ability to control time, but he is easily frustrated and has a very short patience, which makes this his major weak point. This happens because every moment he wastes feels like an eternity to him.

He usually carries around a giant two-dented fork which he uses to create energy beams and other similar things. His career peak was the creation of the Time Twister, a station capable of warping anything through time itself.

One of the doctor's hobbies is disturbing the time flow by creating time paradoxes for laughs.N. tropy was initially partners with Cortex, but the two of them eventually became rivals instead.

You on my time ya little skunk - N Tropy, Crash 3 Warped, one funny character

I have always liked N. Tropy

17 Aku Aku

Sounds like a gangster in crash of the titans

(But his redesign though..)

18 Nitrous Oxide

The classic crash games on PS1 weree the best games ever, so many memories of me and my cousin playing those games. CTR was my fav, I remember the time I finally unlocked Oxide from the time trials, classic memories - dragon13304

A parking lot.

I agree, he is simply a legendary character in CTR, but it took me forever to beat in the acarde mode :(


19 N.Brio [Nitrous Brio]

N. Brio was great in the original games but sucked in Mind Over Mutant! Bring him back!

Who added him a 2nd time

20 Komodo Brothers

Komodo Moe and Komodo Joe

21 N-Trance

Ugly character!

22 The Bearminator

It would be cool if we found out that The Bearminator was Polar's uncle, he turned good, and moves in with them on their house/hut on Wumpa Island!

It would be cool if we found out he was Polar's uncle, he turned good, and moved in with them at their hut/house on Wumpa Island

He is the biggest and best boss in crash bash and crash bandicoot 2 wrath of cortex

Too Bad He Was Only In Crash Bash and Crash: Wrath Of Cortex

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23 Emperor Velo XXVII

This guy is ugly in crash nitro cart but has a nice voice

24 Penta Penguin
25 Blue Armadillo

He played in Crash Bandicoot 2: Wrath Of Cortex
1. He could kill Crash
2. He Could Only Move From Side to Side
3. You Can Jump On His Back To Kill Him
4. He Becomes An Angel When He Dies
5. He's the same color as the blue rats

26 Zam
27 Tawna Bandicoot

Crash's Crush in Crash Bandicoot 2: The Wrath Of Cortex; Not Related To The Bandicoot's. Tawna waz' created by Neo Corrtex's Evolvo-Ray But Waz' token out of the Crash Bandicoot series cause' critics says she waz' to "sexualized".

Can't believe tawna dumped crash after he saved her

28 Madame Amberly
29 Rusty Walrus

Hardest boss of Crash Twinsanity.

30 Evil Crash
31 Victor

I love both evil twins

32 Papu Papu

In twinsanity he waz' so cool with all of the tribesman though nina cortex is my favorite but she looks so ugly in twinsanity

33 Vulture
34 Rilla Roo

I called him Rilla-FatAss-Face-Roo (Square Eyed Jak reference)

Only appeared in crash bash

I like to call him Monkey-Anus-Face. (Caddicarus reference)

35 Zem
36 Pasadena O'Possum

she's hot

37 Ebenezer Von Clutch

From His Name Being VON clutch My Guess Is He's German

38 Pterodactyl
39 Giant Purple Ostrich
40 Fake Crash

I really loved Fake Crash as a fun Easter egg in Crash Bandicoot 3. However, I felt he should have remained an Easter egg. He wasn't exactly good character material, as demonstrated in N-Tranced.

41 Grimly
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