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1 Revolting Slob

Haha! Good on its own! - Gericolikesspongebob

2 10 Seconds
3 Jumble Game

I take it as Jumpin Johnny Jumble

4 Psycho Math

Psycho Math is my number one favorite Crashbox game. Did you know that I watch it on YouTube on Fridays to improve my math(That is my favorite school subject)? My favorite character from Crashbox is the host of Psycho Math. His name is Professor Rocket. I always imagine that I am his assistant. I would crown him the King of Math, then I would crown myself the Queen of Math. We would wear our crowns while solving the equations. From Lizzie Kendler

Cool, I like most of the math. - Gericolikesspongebob

5 Captain Bones

Bone puzzles! Laugh out loud - Gericolikesspongebob

6 Haunted House Party
7 Eddie Bull

I usually like it because of science. - Gericolikesspongebob

8 Think Tank

Looks like great thinking. - Gericolikesspongebob

9 Riddle Snake
10 Distraction News

She is good at reporting. - Gericolikesspongebob

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11 Mug Shots
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