Top Ten Craziest Anime Characters

Some anime characters are amazing, some are despicable, and some are just plain crazy. Here are 10 of the craziest characters in anime.

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1 Yuno Gasai - Mirai Nikki Yuno Gasai is the main female protagonist from the anime series "Mirai Nikki" or "Future Diary" published in October 10, 2011. Yuno Gasai is the second dairy owner and is a yandere who kills for Yukki, she owns the Diary of Future Love. She has pink hair tied into two low hanging pigtails with red ribbons. more.

Let's face it- Yuno is someone none of us want to meet in real life. At first, you think she's just a cute girl who has a crush on Yuki. Then, you see that she is willing to kill anyone just for Yuki, no matter if he wants her to or not. Eventually, she starts getting crazier and crazier, even almost killing Yuki at certain points. There's a reason she's called The Yandere Queen.

Yuno Gasai is a girl who faces fear and never NEVER NeVeR lets anyone or anything get in her way. She is an amazing cute girl who can turn on you during the blink of an eye. Look out!

Now you are watching at the most craziest anime character ever

Imagine if this woman was born into the Earth, She can have yukki!, no boy is worth being murder by a pshyco

2 Hisoka - Hunter x Hunter

Ah Hisoka is without a doubt the craziest most entertaining character ever! Like seriously there is no character like him! He is one of a kind alright.

This thing is weird. Very. Very weird.
He made me feel very uncomfortable in the first and third arc and I wish Gon and Killua had never seen him shower...

The guy gets orgasms off of a kid hitting him. Seriously this is the only anime character to legitimately make me uncomfortable.

This is the only character that has actually made me feel legitimately uncomfortable. Spot on voice acting too.

I agree. The voice acting is perfect, especially in the english dub.

3 Karma Akabane - Assassination Classroom

Karma loves beating people up and getting into fights. He is a sadist who gets joy from torturing his victims with damn wasabi and mustard, and got way too excited over the chance to kill a teacher. The guy tried to kill HIMSELF just to get an advantage over Korosensei! I love him and he's insane.

Now this is sadistic all roll up into one hot mess. Good looking, crazy, and certainly one with the fans...

Sorry I killed an octopuce and thought it was you I guess I should throw it out

Lol killing an octopus. Then Koro sensei cooks tayoaki. It made me crack up

4 Nina Einstein - Code Geass Nina Einstein is a fictional character in the Sunrise anime series Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.

God, I hate this character. Her love for the princess makes her kill thousands of people just so she can get to Zero and kill him. She goes insane for a completely stupid reason. Oh, and don't even get me started on the table. It's just messed up.

Look at that ugly face. Need I say more?

Pleas go away Nina nobody likes you

5 Ladd Russo - Baccano!

He’s still really cool.

First off, a lot of you might not even know who this guy is, because many people haven't seen Baccano! Trust me, though, this guy is insane! He's very sadistic, and loves to kill people. Numerous people on the train, the Flying Pussyfoot, were killed because of him. He even married a girl just to kill her! I mean, who does that?! There are other characters in Baccano! Who are crazy, but to me, this guy was the worst.

After Yuno,the craziest.

6 Shion Sonozaki - Higurashi

I haven't actually seen Higurashi, so Shion being so low is due to that. However, her concept does make her sound insane. She can easily switch between her and her sister, Mion, so you'll never know if it's actually her. I've also seen the scene with her and Satoko, so that influenced my choice.

Shion. In Watanagashi-Hen and Meakashi-Hen, Shion's love interest, Satoshi, disappeared, and Shion went insane. She killed Rika Furude, Satako Hojo, Satoshi, sown twin sister, whom he asked her to look after, her grandmother, and her own younger(in the manga only) twin sister, Mion. All while laughing gleefully. And then she kills Keiichi because she thinks it's unfair that Mion's love interest survived while her love, Satoshi, died.

The craziest character in Higurashi, and in my opinion, in all of anime.

She goes completely insane

7 Stein - Soul Eater

He's a guy that likes to experiment on people and cut them up into pieces. Madness started to consume him throughout the series. He was even crazier than the villains, and that's saying something when you look at Medusa. This one, to me, was an obvious choice.

8 Light Yagami - Death Note Light Yagami is a fictional character and the protagonist of the manga series Death Note, created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.

How is he yandere. He is hands down of the best character.

He went crazy after he got power; need I say more?

9 Betelgeuse Romanée-Conti - Re:Zero

With exceptions like Yuno and Hisoka, most of these characters aren't even crazy. Hell, Hisoka doesn't compare with this lunatic!

I find it odd how he shares the same Japanese voice actor as Kirito, Lubbock, and Soma...

Craziest number one

He is more than crazy. I don’t have the words to describe him.

10 Izaya Orihara - Durarara

He is crazy, and at same time is smart (and skilled)
I envy his madness!

He's just a hot ass psycho who is simply interested in humans.

I don't really consider Izaya to be insane... :P

I love him so much!

The Contenders

11 Solf J. Kimblee - Fullmetal Alchemist/Brotherhood Solf J. Kimblee is a fictional character from the Fullmetal Alchemist manga series and its adaptations created by Hiromu Arakawa.

I know what you're thinking: What about Shou Tucker? Well, to me, Shou Tucker was only really insane in Brotherhood, because he was a touch more sympathetic in the first series. Also, in Brotherhood, he's more scary than crazy. Kimblee, on the other hand, is a man obsessed with explosives, and loves to get his hands on any type. He's even used people as bombs. He doesn't care about the lives of anyone. So, in my opinion, he's even crazier than Shou Tucker.

This man crazy

12 Father Alexander Anderson - Hellsing
13 Juuzou Suzuya - Tokyo Ghoul

Literally no one can be crazy, badass and cute at the same time like him

Juuzou is somehow crazy and badass and cute all at the same time!

I hope he was a girl so I could marry her.

He may be crazy but you gotta love him

14 Pierrot Le Fou - Cowboy Bebop

...Just watch the episode.

15 Junko Enoshima - Danganronpa Junko Enoshima (江ノ島 盾子 Enoshima Junko), is a student in Hope's Peak Academy's Class 78th, and a participant of the Killing School Life featured in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Her title is Ultimate Fashionista/True Ultimate Despair

Junko is by far the most crazy anime character I have ever seen.

She definitely should be in the top ten

16 Nagito Komaeda - Super Dangan Ronpa 2 Nagito Komaeda (狛枝 凪斗 Komaeda Nagito), is a student of Hope's Peak Academy's Class 77-B, and a participant of the Killing School Trip featured in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. His title is Ultimate Lucky Student.

This guy... This guy...
I love this guy.
His messed up past and mental issues combined with his bad luck → good luck cycle sonehow ends up with him wanting to bring despair to his classmates in order for their hope to shine through, whether it's the killers hope or everyone else's he doesn't care, he just wants HOPE and he doesn't care if he needs to die for others to have it, in fact he WANTS to! He's crazy and in NY opinion, the craziest character in Danganronpa, more so than Junko (just in my opinion).

All Ultimates are working together to solve this problem. How splendid, how wonderful this is!

He has to be in Top 10!

17 Katsura Kotonoha - School Days

The only somewhat likable character from one of the worst animes of all time. Sure she was crazy at the end, but it was because of circumstances out of her control.

Can't' blame her. Anyone would go crazy if they're around that jerk Makoto Ito for too long.

Turned crazy because of her abusive boyfriend

18 Hange Zoe - Attack on Titan

She is crazy, funny and adorable at the same time

Hange is so crazy I love her

19 Juvia Lockser - Fairy Tail Juvia Lockser is a Fairy Tail Mage . When Juvia was young she was abandoned by her parents because she was followed by the rain . Juvia lived in a orphanage but she never felt at home there she was mistreated by the children there because she was different from them,she was a Mage she had blue hair more.
20 Envy - Fullmetal Alchemist/Brotherhood

Like his character.

21 Usagi - Juni Taisen: Zodiac War
22 Haruko Haruhara - FLCL

Again, haven't seen FLCL, but my mom has, so she told me a bit about Haruko. Let's just put it this way: the first scene she's in, she hits a kid with a Vespa, gives him CPR, then hits him on the head with her guitar. Sounds pretty nuts to me.

23 Lucy - Elfen Lied Lucy (born as kaede), is a tragic, fictional Japanese Anti-Heroine, and Anti-Villianess, who is the main protagonist of her debut source, a manga officially known as Elfen Lied [alfen leed], written and illustrated by Lynn Okamoto, which was best known for it's T.V. adaptation of the same name, Directed more.

I don't think she's that crazy. She just hates the world and kills with no hesitation. Still, she's not that crazy.

24 Alucard - Hellsing Alucard is a fictional character and the protagonist and antihero of the Hellsing manga and anime series created by Kouta Hirano.

Alucard is none other than Count Dracula in person, survived the end of the events recounted in Bram Stoker's Dracula and became the servant of Helsing family.
Not only that, he was born in 1431, under the name of "Vlad III Dracul" (a historical character who actually existed, also known as "Vlad the Impaler").
I love him, he is a fantastic character both psychologically and aesthetically.

The people who haven't voted are either crazy themselves, or just plain stupid. This guy is more brutal, and bloody than anybody on this list. Alexander Anderson, who himself is insane, sees alucard as a crazy monster. As well as everybody else in the anime. Honestly, this is a anime filled with crazy people, I am surprised that he wasn't even in the top 10.

25 Mayuri Kurotsuchi - Bleach

Man he crazy.

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