Top Ten Craziest Christmas Card Ideas

This is list #13 for This year's Christmas Countdown. Ooh, unlucky number thirteen! Who knows how weird this list will be? Well, here I go: Top Ten Craziest Christmas Card Ideas! Enjoy!

The Top Ten

1 Santa Claus and baby Jesus fighting for the true meaning of Christmas

I'd like to see this. Theists will most likely root for Jesus, while Atheists prefer the true meaning of Christmas to be getting presents and Santa. You decide.

This list is mine. I wasn't logged in when I posted it. - Wolftail

2 Zombie Santa Claus eating a reindeer

Well, that's a lot of appetites ruined.

3 A turkey being burnt alive

Couldn't the people have killed it first?

4 A Christmas tree decorated with smaller Christmas trees that are decorated with even smaller Christmas trees, and so on

That's a lot of pine needles on the floor. Fake or real, there's still going to be a long time being spent hoovering them up.

5 A picture of you standing with someone you've never met before

Here's me and my friend Harry, er, Georgeā€¦ no, sorry, James. That's it, James. - PetSounds

6 A potato eating another potato while fighting the other foods involved in a Christmas dinner.

This one is just bizarre.

7 A creepy doll climbing out of a present

This is Christmas! Not Halloween!

8 A naked old man exploding out of a present

Who would expect that as a Christmas present? And who would want that anyway?

9 A pop-up card that contains nothing relevant to Christmas but says 'Merry Christmas!" on the cover

I'd like to get this.

10 Santa crashing his sled onto a motorway and causing a huge pile-up

That's right, kids, Santa drives drunk.

What a way to share the spirit. - PositronWildhawk

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