Top Ten Craziest Crayon Colors


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21 Granny Smith Apple
22 Royal Purple

Love dis color! It's like a neon purple mixed with indigo

23 Rock N Roll Raspberry
24 Mauvelous

It's a really weird name for a crayon.

This is the most cheesy crayon name I've ever heard. And mac and cheese is a crayola color!

I once had a Crayola pipsqueak marker, and for some reason it was called Awesome. but I'm getting off topic - Officialpen

25 Piggy Pink
26 Atomic Tangerine

Kool ya... Wonder what it would do to people if it was used instead of the atomic bomb...

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27 Sweet Bitter

Nope not "bittersweet", it's sweet bitter.

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28 Wisteria

I love this color T_T - Officialpen

29 Asparagus

I have a 64 box of crayons with asparagus in it. Shouldn't it be called asparagus green?

From, pen from bfdi

30 Illuminating Emerald
31 Robin Egg Blue

This color is pretty not crazy

32 Tickle Me Blue

Isn't there a "Tickle Me Pink" at 23 to? Even that sounded weird!

No one turns blue when they're tickled

33 Sunglow

Have this you know almost all these came from neon nights crayon collection

34 Periwinkle

I bet the only reason people know this color is because of the cat from Blues Clues. - purpleyoshi98

Isn't this the name of a type of snail?

It's a weird name, but a pretty color! - funnyuser

My favorite color of Christmas lights :P

35 Manatee
36 Lemon Yellow
37 Jungle Green
38 Raspberry Peach

Such a yummy color!

39 Cyber Grape
40 Ivory
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