Craziest Facts About Serial Killers


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1 John Bodkin Adams would make sure he always had cake while attending his operations

Why cake? - Matt92647

2 Richard Chase believed he could absorb vitamin C through his brain by placing oranges on his head
3 Rodney Alcala won The Dating Game
4 Ottis Toole's grandmother was allegedly a Satanist who took him out to dig graves for rituals. The serial killer confessed to hundreds of murders, but was only convicted of five
5 Although it is impossible to predict if a child will grow up to be a serial killer, the three warning sings of future psychopathic behavior are 1) animal torture, 2) prolonged bed-wetting, and 3) juvenile pyromania
6 H.H. Holmes was married to three women at the same time
7 Pedro López was released from a mental hospital on $50 bail
8 Criminologists estimate that at least 86% of male serial killers are heterosexual. While numerically less, homosexual serial killers include some horrific monsters, such as John Wayne Gacy (1942–1994) and Jeffrey Dahmer (1960–1994)
9 Many serial killers have an insatiable interest in deviant sexuality, obsessions with fetishism, voyeurism, and violent photography
10 John Wayne Gacy ,The 'Killer Clown' was very active in his community, and would often dress up as a clown to entertain the local children

He also met the then First Lady, Rosalyn Carter.

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11 After being released from Prison, Karla Homolka managed to get remarried and have 3 children of her own! (The exact same number of kids she had helped her first husband kill!)
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