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1 Directioners A Directioner is a super fan of the British/Irish boy band called "One Direction". Directioners are dedicated to the band's five members: Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and people associated with them.

I've been a Directioner for more than half my life and I still am. This is just one crazed huge family who would treat you as your sister/brother. We are sooo crazy, I'm afraid most of us needs to go to a therapist. This is one dedicated family who will stay loyal to the lads even on hiatus. This fandom is just so accepting and doesn't care if you stanned 1D before or after their hiatus. What matters is that you came here and ready to witness this beautiful family. Being a Directioner is not just being in a fandom, eventually its gonna be part of your life and its gonna be one of the best decisions that you made in your life. Literally I can't describe how much I love this fandom. I love you guys. Hope the boys come back!

Directioners are without a doubt the strongest and best fandom in the world. We have been through so much but still we stand here by the boy's sides no matter what. No body will ever be as powerful or dedicated as we are.

yess, I am a directioner..., I was a directioner..., I am a directioner..., I will be a directioner I don't have any words to explain how I'm proud to be a directioner. I am a girl who could die for 1D...,I love them I will never leave this fandom... I loved them..., I love them... I will always love them... they are the five boys I have eva known...we are the craziest and strongest fandom in the world... I love ONE DIRECTION and I missed you so much... thank you so much ONE DIRECTION... ONE DIRECTION 4eva...

They are the best five boys I have ever known. They were always there for us fans and never failed to put a smile. Their music has saved me from depression and is the reason I carry on each day. So thank you One Direction. I love you

2 The Beliebers

Justin Bieber is a great singer, but there are legit so many guys out there who sound just like him. Bland, basic, male teen pop artists, not to mention overplayed. The way girls obsess over him and go like super crazy over him hurts my ears, listening to their constant screaming, I swear to God, why are these people so god damn loud for? - PopLive_Star923

WOW!I am surprised that we live in a world where we criticize a teenage boy for being successful.I can't believe that there are some grown ass men here judging Justin Bieber for becoming one of the most successful and popular artist of this decade.You have been criticizing him since he was 15.And now more than ten years later you are still doing it so.But you should know that no matter what you do the boy will get more money that your WHOLE FAMILY COMBINED.So just leave the boy alone.And let him leave in peace HATERS!

Yes we are the craziest fanbase but we also are a solid fam.. We support our idol and love him till death. We are proud to be and will never give up supporting him, loving him, being crazy about him, and all what we do no matter how much u hate, we are solid and unbreakable.. Don't say yes for fake beliebers but k one thing your hate and words are useless because never gonna break us we can scare louder!

I am a belieber and I believe that us Beliebers should be in the top 10 best fan bases. I think that we are the best! We are so supporting, so caring, and so outrageous for Justin. We show him we care, through the internet of course, by getting his albums, songs, anything to the top! Please make a recount on your decision for the top 10 best fan bases.

3 Five Nights at Freddy's Fandom

I really LOVE this fandom. It was the first fandom I have heard of and I drowned into it. I love how the storyline goes! The fandom is very interesting and there are so many characters!

The first time I heard about FNAF was when I saw a youtube video of some man and his friends playing Gmod on a maze while the FNAF Anamatronics were chasing them. But the fan art is just too weird. The part where the anamatronics don't want to kill you is good enough, But the sex and porn in it is too far. Scott would hate this kind of influence, And any of you FNAF Fanboys or Girls out there. Just don't make your love for FNAF too sexualized. Come on, Guys. - Joshtition 24

I like the game, but a large quantity of the fanbase is just too stupid. I mean, not only is there hauntingly disgusting fan-art, but another main thing that peeves me; the misconceptions of the animatronics. By this I mean how in reality the animatronics are:
Deadly, robots, possessed by the souls of dead children, and want to KILL YOU.

However, according to the fanbase, they are:
Your friend, actual animals, are in love with each other, really nice, sexy, don't want to kill you.
Um, what?

Disclaimer: I know that a lot of fans aren't like that, I'm just pointing out the ones that are. Fnaf is a quite respectable (even if overrated) game, it's just that a majority of fans make it unsustainable for me.

Look up fan art. I will stress it again and again, robots are genderless. Also how is a creepy animatronic possessed by the spirit of a dead child attracting (looking at you foxy and chica). I don't know ask the fandom! I'm not gonna get started on the purple man but let's just say if you give these crazed females anything human, they will make you rethink ever playing this game again. In conclusion, please stop doing this to the games. Scott didn't ask for this. I'm thrilled that these games have attracted such attention. I love the games myself, but people turn it in the opposite direction. Please help fix this fandom.
A concerned fnaf fan

4 Pokemon Genwunners

You insult Generation 1 Pokémon in front of a genwunner?
Arceus have mercy on your soul.

These guys literally have no room in their hearts for anything after the original 151 Pokémon. Anything post gen. 1 is crap by default according to them.

They believe the R/B/G/Y had the best soundtrack (far from it, Gen. 5 wins that award in my opinion), graphics (OR/AS takes the cake there) and story (G/S and HG/SS are WAY better). They pretty much think that Gen. 1 is the only good gen. It isn't. It's probably my least favorite in all honesty, though I respect it in the sense that they were the first games.

But genwunners are like people who use old phones rather than new ones simply for the sake of nostalgia, thinking they're the best kind there is. Nevermind the technological limitations at the time, everything after gen. 1 is terrible trash, they think.

It's absolutely ridiculous. Probably the worst part of the Pokémon fandom, alongside Poképhilliacs.

I love pokemon it's one of my favorite games (in my opinion) and I'm excited for the new Pokemon sun and moon. But whenever I come across a Genwunner they just annoy me saying "how gen 1 was so great" or "how better the games were back than"

Play Emerald and be enlightened genwunners!

True Pokemon fans enjoy all the games.

5 Sonic fans

Some whine about how he sucks now and how good he was last time, but some draw crappy fanart and do stupid shippings.Whats left are the good ones who respect other people's opinion, hate or love sonic. Personally, I prefer the third section of the fanbase. If I were to choose between the first two, well, I would choose the second section anyday.I hate whiny retro fanboys. I would rather sit around with a group of teens who do crappy fanart and stupid shippings than sit with retro fanboys who whine and whine and whine.

I am sick and frigging tired of people who act like all Sonic fans are furries. Just because I like a video game doesn't mean that I am turned on by animals!

"New Sonic character... Must... Draw... PORN OF IT! " (probably, most of the time at least, has something to do with a foot fetish)

The majority of the games suck! But some were mediocre. The fans are the biggest problem, they are VERY cancerous STAY AWAY!

6 SkyDoesMinecraft Fans

Why don't you like butter? The chat is for people to say whatever they want. If they are telling a friend that they found "butter" or just exclaiming it to themselves, then I don't see the problem. Unless they are deliberately spamming "butter," its not that big of a deal. Even Sky said not to spam butter before.

Are you kidding me?! Nobody Cared about SkyDoesMinecraft and his fanbase since 2015
and his fanbase isn't as violent like they used to be. His channel is kind of dead anyways. He has 12 million Subscribers but he barely gets a million views per video.

Lmao my sister got this banned from my house after finding smut written by a fan

How didn't this go down? He quitted Minecraft.

7 Bronies A brony is an adult (typically male) fan of the Hasbro animated series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The fandom gained enormous popularity during the 2010s.

Someone had to say it. This group of 30 year olds finds out you don't watch a show for 5 year old girls and they will attack you like a pack of rabid dogs.

And don't even get me started on all the "original characters" and the group of this type so large that they have a name for it... "Cloppers"

Dope? Seriously!? It's an overrated piece of JUNK! To know that many people even like this crap so much, including grown men, at around an estimate of over 30 million, it's just very depressing, and it really makes me not want to live on this planet anymore.

My description: a bunch of middle-aged men who watch a show meant for 6 year old girls.

Some Bronies are pretty crazy but not as crazy as say Beliebers or FANGIRLS in general.

8 Pewds

God, no. He screams in his mic like a girl and 5 year-olds love it. How is this not higher?

Hows this not number 1

Pewds for the win!

9 90's Kids

90s fans need to chill out. Seriously, it's great that you enjoy your days, but let us enjoy ours, the one that we grew up in, the one that we were born in and just let kids like whatever modern stuff they like, jeez.

I Loathe these Nitwits with all my heart because they say that Today's generation is retarded Well Actually These 90's kids are the reason why Today's generation is bad because they weren't born in the 90's but they are being TERRIBLE Rolemodels for them all they do is call them Autistic and do nostalgia about How perfect the 90's was and then tell them to kill themselves And They always complain about The only game people make are First Person Shooters Let me tell you something. YOU LIVE UNDER A GODAMM ROCK DUE TO YOU BEING FULL OF NOSTALGIA There are other games BESIDES Call of Duty and Halo There are Blizzard's games such as Diablo, Starcraft and there are games like The Witcher, Grand Theft Auto (Which is NOT a Shooter It's an open world Game where you do Missions that has Shooting ASPECTS. And they are but of Manchilds If someone Critisizes them They go insane!

If I see one more 90's kid complain about how trashy today's music is, I will lose it. All these people like to do is talk about how this generation, and how amazing stuff was 'back in the day''.

They need to accept the fact that we're now in the 21st century, and we don't want to listen to your classic rock.

Don't get me wrong, you can listen to whatever you want, but I'm not going to go and buy a vinyl Guns 'N Roses CD just because you're a pushy little ass.

AKA Retro Fanboys, they complain about how gaming sucks now because it most popular games are 'Lame' Shooters. I have not played any shooters yet but I heard halo and Call of Duty isn't really that bad. Their heads are also stuck in nostalgia, and hype over Oot and Mario Kart 64 when it is about 20 years old. My advice (to all retro fanboys): Stop being so nostalgic and get into the times.

10 Pottermania

I am a potterhead ..its just the story which drag me into the whole different world and every fan have a hidden slytherin power in them if they heard anything against it ...
So I guess the muggles will never just be away we all knows the unforgivable curses

Sure Potterheads are crazy (I'm living proof of that), but is that really wrong? We like Harry Potter - it's just so awesome! Sure, we may be a little bit stubborn at times, but you are too sometimes! When people say something bad about Harry Potter, of course we're going to dive in and defend's only natural instinct of us witches/wizards. Haven't you ever liked something so much, that you wished you were part of it? That's exactly how Potterheads feel, and there's no reason to make fun of us for that. I am one of the only kids I know who like Harry Potter. Many kids don't understand me, but I don't care. With some music and a good Harry Potter book, I'm able to recover some of my self-esteem.
Please don't make fun of me. Don't you know what it's like to be made fun of and ridiculed for something you believe in or like? It's absolute torture! Those kids can get very mean sometimes! Harry Potter has caused those taunts, yes, but it helped me forget about them as well. Luna ...more

I myself am a potterhead and as it might not be my main fandom, it’s still second. it brings people together and gives you so many amazing memories. one of my best friends and I both are potterheads so we know how crazy it can get. the fandom is so huge and there are so many small details that it’s easy to fight over the smallest things. but the character development helps people develop.

They are the CRAZIEST fans on earth! They can accidentally call you Harry or Hermione... Or even forget functions of Muggle (human) ordinary objects! You can never insult their fandom in front of them. With the highest grossing movie franchise and best-selling book series in the world, no-one will question their devotion to their fandom!

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? Attack on Titan Fanbase Attack on Titan, also known as Shingeki no Kyojin in Japanese, created by Hajime Isayama, is one of the most popular Japanese anime series to be released. It was first watched in Japan during 2013 and was dubbed in English to be watched in America in 2014. It is best known for its emotional moments, more.
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11 Anime Fans

They are the coolest, cutest and most random people you could ever meet. They never seem to cause any trouble and don't hate on anyone. You'll always hear them fangirling over fictional characters in mangas if they are in a group of anime/manga fans.

Not really. They hate on you if you don't like anime then threaten you and tell you that you just haven't been watching the write ones. They aren't cool. They are annoying. They aren't cute. They are creepy. Yes they are random

To be honest with you, I used to be an anime fan. I look at on my prime days and oh my god, were they cringe INFESTED. Anime fans try to be cute and KAWAII! and ugh they have these waifus and it's so weird and disgusting. Anime itself is good but the fanbase? Just no,

They're OBSESSED with everything Anime. They use terms from different animes that nobody understands, and they scream at people who don't like anime.

12 Football fans

They are so stupid! What's the big deal about football? A lot of people at my school (even the girls, and EVEN the girly girls) are GOING CRAZY when there's a big game going on. They say to the teachers, did you see the game? Who's team do you like? And if they like a team they don't like they think they're weird. It's so annoying! Me and my family, (even my dad) are not fond of football. We never go to games. And I'm glad.

I live in Nebraska, where literally everyone wears a Huskers shirt on game day. And if you don't know every single team member, you're considered kinda weird. It. Sucks. So. Hard. Seriously, throw a rock in any directions, you will either hit a Huskers fan, or some Huskers merch. Also, you can't get anywhere downtown on game day. It's packed.

I like football, as well as basketball. I also always look up the results for baseball and hockey. But yes football is my favorite sport. But it's not my religion.

They show no mercy.
They will smile as they slowly drain the life from you.
They are..
Football fans.

13 Black Metal
14 5SOS Fans 5 Seconds of Summer are an Australian pop-rock band from Sydney, Australia, that formed in 2011. The group were originally YouTube celebrities, posting videos of themselves covering songs from various artists during 2011 and early 2012. They rose to international fame while touring with One Direction more.

We are the best fandom in history of fandoms

5SOS is just one of the best bands I ever heard

5sos Is not punk

I have a friend who will not shut up about these people. THEY'RE NOT EVEN THAT GREAT!

15 Michael Jackson fans

After MJ's death they became extremely rude to other artists and their fan bases. Get a Life guys! You only give a bad name to MJ fan base. I don't think Michael would appreciate it

In my first month on this site I would attack people for not liking his music, but now I respect their opinions a bit more.

We're not crazy ok? Why people think that? We're sad because we lost our idol. A true singer!

No one can't stan a legend like Michael. Weather your a big fan or not, you know what MJ did to the music industry

16 Whovians

If you don't think that Whovians are crazy, go look up "Doctor Who Twelve Dancing Princesses".

I personally am a Doctor Who fan but some people take being a fan a little too far.

I only found out about doctor who a month ago and I fell in love with it

Doctor Who fans are some of the most boring people I've ever met.

17 Twilight fans

Don't get me started on Twilight and its fans. So many Twilight fans I ran into are so mean and petty. Some tell you that you shouldn't have been born if you say that you hate Twilight. I only get along with a small majority. They overreact over the littlest things such as admitting you don't like Twilight they will try to murder you. I believe that the majority of the Twilight fanbase is full of jerks. Twilight is so vague and Bella is a typical Mary Sue. Her name hints that she's a Mary Sue and so does her life. She got popular and the guy that many girls were talking about fell for her.

They are really obsessive and literally ignore whoever said anything bad about Twilight. No offense but the books or the movies weren't great. Over-used plot story with another cliche love triangle. They act like there is nothing better than Twilight but in honesty those movies are for hormonal teens.

They are crazy! I have heard of 3 different accounts of twilight fans trying to kill non-fans for just saying they don't like it. I mean come on kill people?

I'm understand why they are annoying. Because twilight is like trash, and their fans is like trash, too. How pathetic

18 Swifties

Taylor Swift is my favorite singer, I will consider myself a Swiftie, but the die hard fans are out of control. They will attack you if you like any other artist, they will call you a fake fan if you don't love ALL of her music, and will tell you to kys because of YOUR opinion. So yeah, we are CRAZY.

I’ve been a Taylor fan since I was 7 and not I’m 21. She never seems to not amaze me. I’ve followed her though country to pop music and not pop to folk music 😍.

How they crack the codes are crazy shocking (and funny). Swifties are just clowns

I freak out whenever Taylor comes on! I love her so much. Best. Fanbase. Ever.!

19 90s fans

I was not born in the 90s and I love the 90s

Not a fandom

20 Bacon Fans

They are a pain. If you say that bacon is overrated, they will go nuts and get mad at you.

Bacon is love, Bacon is life.

Anyone remember King Curtis?

21 Donald Trump Supporters

I don't mind the people who like him. I personally am ok with him. Far from the best president, far from the worst. The people I can't stand are Qanon believers. That theory is borderline schizophrenic. Donald Trump is not here to save us from the New World Order. If anything, he's part of it.

That sign though

They are so weird

They're awful!

22 Gamers

We love play. Now I have to go play

We know more about videogames than ourselves

My friend and I are both gamers, but I'm nothing like him. Here's some totally and obviously made up examples -

Me - D-D-Dude, I'm not feeling so well...I think I h-h-have t-the f-flu...*throws up*
Him - Hey, throw up somewhere else! I'm TRYING to beat my high score on Just Dance!
Him - Just one second, I'm playing Minecraft, and I keep on drowning.
Me - Hey, want to go out to lunch?
Him - Eating's for the weak. Can't you see I'm trying to stab a knife into Kokona Haruka's skull?

23 Black Veil Brides Black Veil Brides is an American rock band currently consisting of Andy Biersack (vocals), Jinxx (guitar), Jake Pitts (guitar), Christian Coma (drums) and Ashley Purdy (bass), that formed in 2006 in Ohio. more.

How are they crazy? Not crazy enough to go around looking for information like the Directioners... I'm not even going as far as telling you what people know about 1D... Or think they know

24 Little Monsters

I'm a proud and devoted Little Monster, and Gaga is my queen and goddess... But girl we cray! Me included!

Of Corse.. Hell yaa I amm to

25 Daisy Fans
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