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21 Sones (Girls' Generation fans)

Craziest fanbase ever. When you criticize them, they will cut your head and curse you. Besides they do violence on other fans who dislike their 9 sluts

Be patient, stand. SNSD is trash and Sone more than worst better than trash

Always wanted to support and protect snsd no matter what happen. Right now snsd. One of the loyalty fanbase in Korea. SONE

Don't even get me started on these ones. It hurts my soul to even talk about them.

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22 Clannad After Story Fans

Equivalent to directioners only worse. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

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23 Howard Stern Fans

Have you heard his talk shows or watched America's Hot Talent?! - funnyuser

24 Apple fanbase
25 Hetailan

Hetalians are crazy, but they know more about history then you ever will. - zsasza555

Ne ne pa pa welcome to the land of strange ships and pasta

Hetalia is one of the CRAZIEST fandoms in existence. There are 11 year olds who READ, WRITE, AND DRAW PORN in our fandom. And we also fight 24/7. For example, FRUK and USUK. It's like WWII up in here (hahaaha...get the joke? ). Fangirls defend their ships like they're literally countries.

And then fangirls get possessive over characters. I understand liking characters (who doesn't? They're BEAUTIFUL! ), but really? "Russia IS MINE DESU~! 111! " Oh come on. He's a character. It won't become canon! "AMERICA IS MY SOUL MATE! 1111111" Really? As I say, this land is your land, this land is my land.

Then there's the Yaoi fangirls. They force their porn onto us. And the stuff they write is disgusting. Italy's innocent? Well not anymore!

And in History class? We laugh like the teacher is a comedian! Once in class the teacher was explaining the fall of Rome or something and said "And then Germany invaded Italy...", of course I laughed. But still. If you're in class with a ...more

As a Hetalian, I sometimes feel that I'm ashamed to be one. I hate it when other Hetalians shove their Yaoi pairings down our throats, mainly because some of us (ME) hate yaoi and get annoyed with hearing "USUK IS SO KAWAII-DESU! 1! ". I REALLY REALLY hate it when they think that "War is kawaii! " and "Nazis are Kawaii-Desu~". WAR IS NOT CUTE. NEITHER ARE NaziS. MILLIONS OF PEOPLE HAVE DIED IN WAR AND IN THE HANDS OF NaziS, HOW CAN THEY SAY THAT BOTH OF THOSE THINGS ARE CUTE? Ahh... Now that I've got that out of my system, let's move on. I also hate it when they start screaming on and on about which nation is theirs. I do admit to having a big crush on America, but I don't start screaming and squealing on and on for 4 hours on how he woiuld be mine... Doing that is a bit creepy... Also, come on guys. Hurting other people just because they don't like your your favorite character or pairing? The final thing I hate about the fanbase is that I get really annoyed with how the fangirls ...more

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26 Creepypasta Fans
27 Arianators (Aireyanuh)

"I'm an arianator and proud to say that we are cray cray :P"

I'm not an Arianator, but I can agree that the fans are "cray cray."

Yes we are crazy, and we EMBRACE IT. ARI IS QUEEN.

The moon clique thingy. Ariana rocks

I'm an arianator and proud to say that we are cray cray :P

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29 EXOTics

Most of them are crazy in a good way, but there are a few that are following EXO everywhere. They try to get into there hotel rooms or try to kidnap them. They are just annoying

These kids are scary. Being the worst stalker fans out there. Talk about a nightmare

Some just annoy me to the max. Some.

They are SCARY

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30 Percy Jackson Fans

Please, we should be higher than this. I mean, we are all dam crazy

Most fans are more perverted than the Ancient Romans.

We have to be higher

Yeah we demigods are the definition of insanity - CreeperMaster343

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31 Brutal Video Games fans

Hey, at least it isn't the same rehashed BS that comes out yearly, am I right?

32 Steven Universe Fans

Drove a person to suicide. Well done. - naFrovivuS

Just look up Lauren Zuke. She went crazy - Stevenuniversefangirl

33 Miley Cyrus fans

Yeah we are crazy! And crazy people are not boring. So stupid minded people shouldn't comment rudely. Many haters just say why we are still support Miley. We support Miley because we love her. Love never changes. We are crazy about Miley. Yeah true. We are crazy about her songs. She is most talented and amazing singer in the earth. We love you Miley. Don't care about the haters. We'll always love you.

They are boring like snail, they are unhealthy, stupid like nerd and they do that with tongue

I'm obsessed with Miley Cyrus she is so amazing

We are crazy for Miley and we are proud with that.

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34 Cumberbabes

Can we tie this in we Sherlock? Not only the UK. I'm an American teenager

In the UK at least anyway.

The fan base of British actor Benedict Cumberbatch

Can't test the Cumberbitches. Nor the Cumberbabes. Nor the Sherlockians. They're so higher. (High-functionning sociopaths, high junkies...

35 K-Poppers

Best kind of music ever


36 Slayer Fans

Slayer! They have awesome fans unlike Megadeth fans.

These guys are pretty crazy at concerts and are yelling SLAYYER but once you get to know them they are very nice - MetalMania

One word. SLAYEEERR! Oh and Dave kicks ass

Megadeth is great their fans suck big time
Slayer fans are the best headbangers ever

37 Swifties Swifties

I freak out whenever Taylor comes on! I love her so much. Best. Fanbase. Ever.!

GO SWIFTIES! I am an absolute freak-out when it comes to Taylor

Taylor swift's beautiful fans

I adore Taylor, but her fans aren't really my favorite. Mainly because they love insulting her exes and they are astronomically bïtchy when someone insults her.

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38 Rihanna fans V 1 Comment
39 E.L.F.

They are a bunch of retarded things

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40 Supernatural Fans

Okay. We are a crazy ass fandom! Probably one of the craziest ones out there. Have you seen us? We're a mess. Look up Supernatural on tumblr and you're gonna get blinded by crazy. Some of the fangirls stalk the cast members, and they know every. single. thing. about. them.
And then there's some of us that see the show as a romance and ship everything. (ME) We ship Dean with an angel, most of us, and we ship Sam with Gabriel (Not me. I ship him with the Devil! )
We are literally a cult.
But I still love my family no matter how crazy we are...

If you don't believe it, look to Tumblr. I'm not sure if Hunters are terrifying or epic... One thing is for sure: the Supernatural fandom is crazy

I think that this quote by our overlord sums is up: "I think cult is probably a fair term to apply to the Supernatural fandom."

The supernatural aandom is absolutely crazy! But we love each other anyway! We may get into some fights but we still love each other like family! ❤

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