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81 Danny Phantom Fans Danny Phantom Fans

They have crush on him. Treated him like real boyfriend, draw mary sues OC as Danny Phantom's crush. The show itself was good but the fans make us leave the fandom and very cancerous - ChatNoirFan18

82 Parappa/Lammy Fans

"I want to shrink myself, crawl up Um Jammer Lammy's ear canal and violently fornicate with her central nervous organ" - xandermartin98

83 Coca-Cola/Pepsi fans

I like BOTH Coke and Pepsi! Enough said!

84 Kim Kardashian Fans
85 Michael Bay Fans

Most of them dissed on his first Transformers film just because there's not enough explosions and not enough giant robot fights. Pathetic. Which is why they praised Revenge of the Fallen just because they have what they wanted. They refuse to get enough explosions and anything else Michael Bay has in store. They are that crazy.

86 Transformers Fans

Depending on anything, the fanbase can get separated. For instance, the live action films separates between fans who root for the main human characters and the fans who root for the Transformers. They both demand more screentime of what they devoted themselves to, and they both want what they loved so dearly to be brought back and they won't accept changes. They will go really crazy when something bad happens or when Transformers 2 gets criticized. Very shameful... They can't take criticism and won't accept any changes. For instance, when they found out that Shia Labeouf as Sam Witwicky quits Transformers and get replaced by Mark Wahlberg, they complain about it! I'm serious! They might write and sign petitions just to get what they want so very dearly.

Transformers rocks!
Optimus Prime is the best character.
There are 21 action figures.

87 The Ramones fans
88 Sex Pistols Fans V 1 Comment
89 The Stooges Fans
90 Homestucks

My god. Have you ever BEEN to a convention in the recent years? Homestucks. Homestucks everywhere!

Have you ever BEEN to a convention? Homestucks, Homestucks everywhere

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91 Narutards

Some people like Naruto and some people don't learn to respect opinions.

92 Jonas Brothers Fans
93 Rush fans

Even the band itself is held hostage, and has been for decades. Their fanatics are everywhere, and if you do not accept the band as your Lords and Saviors then prepare for the worst in nerd rage. Oh, and did I mention there's fanfic? Google "Dirxst" and be traumatized for life.

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94 Furries

Plus, they ruined Krystal from Star Fox with their disgusting made up trash.

To people claiming that Furries are obsessed with sex, just remember that 99.99% of the human race is obsessed with sex, in stark contrast to Yiffers, of which only 00.02% of Furries are. I'm not a Furry, by the way.

Its beastiality but in fantasy form


95 Madders (Madonna Fans)
96 Britney Army (Britney Spears Fans)
97 Kpop Fans V 1 Comment
98 Team Crafted Fans

Is this some type of sick joke... When ı saw this I was laughing Team Crafted ended like a year ago. - Aguythatpeopleignores

99 Lupita Nyong'o Fans

They talk down people with light skin. We don't care stupid Lupita. Quit bragging

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100 Earthbound/Mother Fans
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