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101 Pewdiepie Fans
102 Patriots Fans
103 8-Bit Theater

Dazen on Miiverse alone can drain the life from you with her Cancer-ridden words. She will not stay back. Also, this is the FNAF fanbase of Webcomics! It doesn't help some moved to MLP: FiM!

104 Bee Movie Fans V 1 Comment
105 Obamabots
106 Gravity Falls Fans
107 Eminem Fans
108 Vinesauce Fans
109 Jontron Fans
110 Harmonizers

I can't believe this wasn't on the list - Du

111 Anime Fans

These people.. I hate how they constantly say that anime is better than Western animation. Do you know what makes the style of Western animation good? That's right. YOU CAN TELL THEM APART. Take Ren and Stimpy and compare it to CatDog. You can tell the characters apart, right? If you were to Photoshop one anime character's head onto another's, it would still look the same. I mean, I don't hate anime, but stay with me here. What I'm trying to say is the fans act like it is the best thing ever when it's not. They swarm up on you like bees when you say the smallest thing about it, so I'm taking a risk here. The comedy? I remember watching a few comedy anime, and I never laughed once. It might have been the anime themselves, but I tried to watch a few and I didn't crack a grin once. The action anime are boring and hard to sit through, I give up at the halfway mark. Otakus, it is okay that you like anime, but look at your own fandom before you bash others.

Not really. They hate on you if you don't like anime then threaten you and tell you that you just haven't been watching the write ones. They aren't cool. They are annoying. They aren't cute. They are creepy. Yes they are random

They are the coolest, cutest and most random people you could ever meet. They never seem to cause any trouble and don't hate on anyone. You'll always hear them fangirling over fictional characters in mangas if they are in a group of anime/manga fans.

"Nobody hates anime and gets away with it! "
"You don't like anime? You suck! "

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112 Narutards
113 Transformers Fans

Depending on anything, the fanbase can get separated. For instance, the live action films separates between fans who root for the main human characters and the fans who root for the Transformers. They both demand more screentime of what they devoted themselves to, and they both want what they loved so dearly to be brought back and they won't accept changes. They will go really crazy when something bad happens or when Transformers 2 gets criticized. Very shameful... They can't take criticism and won't accept any changes. For instance, when they found out that Shia Labeouf as Sam Witwicky quits Transformers and get replaced by Mark Wahlberg, they complain about it! I'm serious! They might write and sign petitions just to get what they want so very dearly.

Transformers rocks!
Optimus Prime is the best character.
There are 21 action figures.

114 Coca-Cola/Pepsi fans

I like BOTH Coke and Pepsi! Enough said!

115 Kim Kardashian Fans
116 Homestucks

My god. Have you ever BEEN to a convention in the recent years? Homestucks. Homestucks everywhere!

Have you ever BEEN to a convention? Homestucks, Homestucks everywhere

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