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101 Maggots
102 Duck Dynasty Fans
103 Hello Kitty Fans
104 Rocko Fans

Seriously, most of us aren't crazy. We just have a strong dedication when it comes to wanting to bring the show back. - xandermartin98

Most of us aren't crazy, just disturbingly attached to the show's legacy, that is all. - xandermartin98

Hey, you can't blame us for wanting to bring this absolute brilliance back. - xandermartin98

105 Frehley/Criss Purists

These guys can be kind of nasty, even to other KISS fans

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106 Cassiopeia (Cassies)
107 Winnipeg Jets Fans
108 Canadian Hockey Fans
109 English Football Fans
110 Stampylonghead fans

PewDiePie's fanbase s overwhelmingly tolerable compared to them! - Aguythatpeopleignores

111 Kid (6-12) Youtuber Fan Clubs

Ugh the stupidest part about YouTube is kids recording his screaming when he is playing Minecraft like crappy Minecraft kid. And whats dumb is that people like him and join their club while the other people don't like him still go there and harass him.. Plus what is bad about kids is they say opinions (as the first X ever) in for example:

A JB 6 year old fan:"JB is the first singer ever"

112 Hardwell Fans
113 Balto Fans

Balto was sadly ruined by both The Lion King fans and the furry fandom. That is what makes it to have the worst fanbase out of any non-Disney animated feature you recognize from the old days.

114 The Star Wars Fans

Oh yes the star wars fans. Before rebel's & episode 7. Disney buys star wars & then the star wars fan brats become angry at Disney but after episode 7 came. the star wars fanbrats clean all of the new toys including new Lego sets.

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115 Pewdiepie Fans
116 Patriots Fans
117 8-Bit Theater

Dazen on Miiverse alone can drain the life from you with her Cancer-ridden words. She will not stay back. Also, this is the FNAF fanbase of Webcomics! It doesn't help some moved to MLP: FiM!

118 Bee Movie Fans V 1 Comment
119 Obamabots
120 Gravity Falls Fans
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