Top 10 Craziest Kitchen Nightmares Restaurants

Stubborn staff, dirty kitchen, terrible food, these restaurants had it all. Here are the most insane restaurants to ever be seen on Gordon Ramsay's show Kitchen Nightmares.

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1 Amy's Baking Company

Amy and Sami were truly two of the most paranoid and delusional people I have ever seen on T.V.. I watched it from start to finish thinking it must be some kind of joke.

The only instance where Gordon Ramsay walked away from the restaurant. The most vile owners ever.

This is the only episode of Kitchen Nightmares that has a whole wikipedia page to itself. This episode is truly the stuff of legends. - raidramon0

Oh, my. This whole fiasco is powerful proof that nobody can change for the better if we can't be open to other people's opinions and take constructive criticism. - Entranced98

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2 Sushi Ko


3 Nino's Italian Restaurant

Hello my name's NINOOO - DoroExploro13

What happened to the other brother?

Hello, my name's NINO. - Catacorn

Fans of the series know this one too well.

4 Oceana

Just get out!

5 Fiesta Sunrise

"I wouldn't trust you to run a bath, let alone a *bleep* restaurant! " One of the best lines Ramsay has ever quoted. - raidramon0

The food in that episode was the most disgusting thing that I’ve literally ever seen. The fat on the beef, the rats, the roaches, just can’t.

6 DownCity
7 Mama Maria's

The food nearly killed a customer. And all those times Ramsay said a restaurant's food could've killed someone, here we are!

8 Mill Street Bistro

The second most pretentious owner after Amy's Baking Company, but with even less talent.

9 Dillon's

Green burgers, cockroaches, rotten veg, flies in the lettuce, RAT droppings...this seriously made me consider whether I ever wanted to eat out again. - Entranced98

The people running this place should be arrested for attempted murder. I'm dead serious. - Zach808


10 Sebastian's

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11 Fork and Spoon
12 Flamangos

Adele was the problem - She claimed to hate the color blue, yet she wears a blue sweater early on in it. - Swellow

13 Peter's
14 Burger Kitchen

Proper madness

THE FAMILY CHAOS IS MADNESS well it did get resolved but it still ended up closing down, it was crazy how they have had over 20 menu changes and $250,000 used from Daniel without permission.

15 La Galleria 33

Point fingers all you want, it's everyone's fault for not working as a team. The blame game was crazy.

16 Seascape

The kitchen was vomit-inducing. It also amazed me how lazy the chef was and how he made excuses to try weaselling out of everything. There's no excuse for slacking off when running a restaurant; a filthy kitchen puts the health of the customers (if there's any left! ) at risk. - Entranced98

17 The Olde Hitching Post
18 Bonaparte's

This is from the U.K. version of the show where it all started. Although Ramsay helped them out as best he could, the restaurant was in even worse shape when he revisited the place a month later. And yes. It's closed. - raidramon0

19 Casa Roma

Those toilets make me sick to this day. - Entranced98

20 Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar

A Danish restaurant with no links to Denmark, cooked ducks in raw meat juice and a stubborn owner who was adament on keeping past traditions that clearly weren't working. Need I say more? - Entranced98

It was actually just called Fleming. Damn you, autocomplete. - Entranced98

21 Levanti's Italian Restaurant

One of the waitresses even thought mould in a pot of rotting, fermenting sauce was basil... - Entranced98

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