Top Ten Craziest Minecraft Youtubers

Who is the craziest Minecraft YouTuber? One that's OUT OF HIS MIND EVERY EPISODE. WHO IS FUNNY THAT WAY? I need to know. It's a contest for explodingTNT.

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1 SSundee

He does the best intros ever Duh!

He is the best I absolutely LOVE! His videos

He is not only crazy when Derp SSundee decides to come along, but I also enjoy him because he doesn't cuss and only says minor curses.

Derp ssundee, crazy enough...
crainer, adds up to that craziness...
ian, king of craziness...

mix the three, you'd be placed in a mental hospital...

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2 Sky Does Minecraft

Sky I'm your biggest fan and that me and my brother call gold budder as well :/ I don't know why

He goes nuts when he is being attacked

His videos are the most insane and random I have ever seen and his laughing is hilarious.

He is my second favorite YouTuber, but he's completely mad.

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3 ASFjerome

Jerome is so crazy! He slurps and he uses axes instead of swords... obviously his bolts aren't screwed in very tight.

Cause he is a crazy bacca

He's a bacca! What more can ya ask fo'

He's a pervert

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4 Stampylonghead (Stampylongnose)

He deserves to be number 1 he always makes me smile and I just love him for that. Everyday when I come home from school I get my ipad and watch his videos whilst playing Minecraft and all of his friend make me laugh and smile and he has never been as funny as he was today so vote stampy he is the best you tuber/Minecraft player in the world nobody can beat his funniness.

He is really funny, silly and he never fails to make me smile

I AM HIS NUMBER ONE FAN! Stampy is better than any mine crafter ever! He is also kid friendly!

He rally will have a long head by the time I'm finished with him >:. jusst kidding

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5 TheBajanCanadian


He is really funny he always has been

He always posts a crazy range of videos and does crazy things on charity live streams!

He has 4,000,000 millian subs noob

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6 TobyGames

Yeah he is crazy! If you don't subscribe he'll pee on you! I mean really!?

He wont pee on you. His dog will... But he's still AWESOME. Subscribe to tobuscus or else his dog will pee on you

Okay. He's crazy in everything. HE SUCH FUNNY... Or is that me...

If you don't subscribe his dog will pee on u - venomouskillingmachine

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7 StrauberryJam

Strubber! He is the funniest dude ever! Go sub to him right now, or else... :D

Straub is awesome. He has a different personality than regular YouTubers

Awesome YouTuber makes me laugh you may think he's stooid but he's very smart good daily videos

StrauberryJam makes the most funniest videos ever

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8 Thinknoodles

Funny stuff and fails a lot at parkour

Think is a family friendly YouTuber but very rarely lets a small cuss out. He mostly does survival, crazy craft, and his mod showcases. He usually fails at parkour, but if he's lucky a friend will help him out during his frustration of the dreaded parkour.

He is family friendly and fails a bunch of parkour

I am his biggest fan I like Kevin who likes tnt and my dog holly likes kopi who a puppy.

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9 CaptainSparklez‎

EPIC that's all I have to say he's EPIC

Captain is fun, he is awesome. He has some special abilities like he never give up, he gets over adernalined when thing goes wrong and win and he can talk to animals (yea not joking :) )

He is awesome in his video and I like ultra modded survival the most

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10 Bashur

MELON MAN 4 LIFE. He's just crazy. In a good way.

I'm surprised bashur didn't get #1

You've got melon juice dripping out of your precious melon like beautiful brain - Mrslayer

What?! Melon can run,walk,jump,or flying monsterr off melonn he can eating me and you together!

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The Contenders

11 Bodil40

He's a Bulgarian! And he's a troll! And his laugh is the best! What else makes him more crazy? HIS VIDEO EDITING ADDS THE CRAZINESS! HIS VIDEO IS THE ONE I WATCH FIRST FOR MORE CRAZY MOOD LIFTS!

Crazy Bulgarian Hacker Troll like my friend. - 111Donlijo3436

He's just too crazy to even put it into detail!


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12 Graser10

He his hilarious, I love how he acts silly around friends in hunger games and sometimes pranks them by maybe pushing them in fire, or killing them accidentally.

Gwasey is bae! He is so funny and hilarious especially with the cube!

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13 The Yogscast

The yogscast rock there first yutbers I ever wathed I've been watching them for years

Needs to be higher I love them Rythian and zoeya, Martyn and Toby, I die laughing at them

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Mud kips r beast. I'm a Pokemon fan so he's nod of my favorites. I LOVE him and sky in videos together! With Jerome and SETO, EVEN BETTER!

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15 Theatlanticcraft

I remember the time when joe sniped cody off a building

They aren't just awesome there extraordinary I love their channel dreamcraft rocks (and fellowship)

16 CavemanFilms

Don't dig up bones. He's just great.

He's so cool guys!

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17 Thediamondminecart

Thediamondminecart is amazing! He is number 1 at everything (except bad stuff)!

Like your videos laugh out loud

The diamond Minecraft is awesome his videos are funny

So crraazy

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18 xRpMx13

Watch out, Ryan always has blood in his mind.

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19 Kuledud3

Awesome just found him out

20 ChimneySwift11

He's a little more tame... 0_0 AMZING

HE is the best.

No chimney CUSSES

21 MinecraftUniverse‎

I like him because he knows Skydoesminecraft, doesn't he?

He is just amazing!

22 iBallisticSquid‎

He is always saying funny things. He does not tell a bad word. Squid is a really nice guy.

Squid deserves a better place than 24! He is hilarious!

Squid always gives me good but silly ideas like nelly the tnt elephant

He makes me laugh so much. He deserves to be in a higher place than 21st place. He is crazy.

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23 MuchingBrotato

He has janet how can you get any crazier then auntie Janet!?

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24 Kill3RDoesMurd3r


25 Simon Lane (Yogscast)

I'm a dwarf and I'm digging a hole, diggy diggy hole, digging a hole! :D

My brothers love dwarves and he is a funny test dummy and because he like Jaffa cakes.

Y is he not #1. He is love able, insane, and so funny. JAFFAS

26 sethbling

Iff he likes redstone so much why doesn't he have a redstone house in real life

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He has awesome mod reviews and do a lot of lucky bloc boss challenge

He's so cool I love his mod show cases

He is FUNNY. Everyday I watch his video for at least to hours and makes me laugh 100% every second.

Why is popularmmos not higher up this list. u guys are best and 100% funny and crazy. (~take ot as a compliment)

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28 LanceypoohTV

Awesome, funny, crazy, good with mechanics in Minecraft what more you can ask for

When Eddie magically appears and threatens to kill Mr. Crainer with Holy Bread, it's just craziness.

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29 Heyimbee

She is so funny and crazy

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30 Mr.TimmyisDead
31 Setosorcerer

This guy is god dam funny! Although not everyone understand him...

He fudgeing god damm funny... I would sometimes even cry while laughing. Not all people understands him.. duh

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32 Adopolus

He is crazy as hell.

33 ItsJerryAndHarry

They are very crazy laugh out loud, they made a Fart Song and I love it very much! Their craziness makes me laugh all the time, and I always laugh or smile when Harry sneeze haha so funny, I love them very much

But I love them... They are the craziest YouTuber in my entire life... I know Sky, Stampy, Bashur, Ryan, Zek, Sethbling, Deadlox, Pat, Dan and many more! But they are the best Craziest Minecraft YouTuber ever who could ask for!
Ha! You think I will forget Pewdiepie and Smosh? Never!

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34 Noodle On
35 Chrisandthemike

I have watched him everyday and I look up to him

Chrisandthemike is most funny person I know

36 YouAlwaysWin
37 Deadlox

One word says it all...T.N.T. Blowing up maps to pushing friends off of platforms... He is THE BEST and CRAZIEST!

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38 Mr. Crainer

Crainer should totally win, like he yells about everything? He calls his fans the crazies, and his intro says "Loading Craziness" like, Crainer is one of the most craziest Minecraft YouTuber I have ever seen.

WHY IS HE SO FAR DOWN! HE IS SO CRAZY and he calls his fans crazie family! And haven't you seen his hair?

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39 AviatorGamez

He is really funny. When he did the simscraft thing it was really funny. All I can say is funny hilarious and crazy

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40 Ldshadowlady



41 iancoullahan1

I love their 8 ways to bully and they were acting so crazy in every video they made - MinusTop10

42 ChildDolphin‎

Child Dolphin is the most friendly and crazy Minecraft YouTuber he is a great friend and he is mad as a hatter

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43 RageGamingVideos

Do you even KNOW who you are talking about? He is the most absolutely insane person ever and is the best! He will start talking about something, have an English Failure, tangent off on it, bring it back to a reference, joke about his tangent, then continue the episode. How is that not crazy?!

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44 Shovelarmy

Amazing hunger games series!

This guy is awesome

45 Markiplier Markiplier Mark Edward Fischbach (born June 28, 1989), known online as Markiplier, is an American YouTube personality. Originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, he began his career in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is currently based in Los Angeles, California.

I loved his five nights at freddys series Mr. ducky

He is awesome and funny
I love his fnaf series

Markplier is not best he's should be 800th place cottenbunny should be in3 ivneknow that he gets annoying like pewdiepie

No Comment Needed. I mean... He's Markiplier.

46 Stacysays

Speechless here I mean really self explanatory

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47 ExplodingTNT

Phew should be number 13

Nice videos - Tzzzt123

48 Gamer Chad
49 Poonchee
50 nvfireirvw
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