Top Ten Craziest Minecraft Youtubers

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21 MinecraftUniverseā€ˇ

I like him because he knows Skydoesminecraft, doesn't he?

He is just amazing!

22 iBallisticSquidā€ˇ

He is always saying funny things. He does not tell a bad word. Squid is a really nice guy.

Squid deserves a better place than 24! He is hilarious!

Squid always gives me good but silly ideas like nelly the tnt elephant

He makes me laugh so much. He deserves to be in a higher place than 21st place. He is crazy.

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23 MuchingBrotato

He has janet how can you get any crazier then auntie Janet!?

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24 Kill3RDoesMurd3r


25 Simon Lane (Yogscast)

I'm a dwarf and I'm digging a hole, diggy diggy hole, digging a hole! :D

My brothers love dwarves and he is a funny test dummy and because he like Jaffa cakes.

Y is he not #1. He is love able, insane, and so funny. JAFFAS

26 sethbling

Iff he likes redstone so much why doesn't he have a redstone house in real life

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He has awesome mod reviews and do a lot of lucky bloc boss challenge

He's so cool I love his mod show cases

He is FUNNY. Everyday I watch his video for at least to hours and makes me laugh 100% every second.

Why is popularmmos not higher up this list. u guys are best and 100% funny and crazy. (~take ot as a compliment)

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28 LanceypoohTV

Awesome, funny, crazy, good with mechanics in Minecraft what more you can ask for

When Eddie magically appears and threatens to kill Mr. Crainer with Holy Bread, it's just craziness.

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29 Heyimbee

She is so funny and crazy

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30 Mr.TimmyisDead
31 Setosorcerer

This guy is god dam funny! Although not everyone understand him...

He fudgeing god damm funny... I would sometimes even cry while laughing. Not all people understands him.. duh

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32 Adopolus V 1 Comment
33 ItsJerryAndHarry

They are very crazy laugh out loud, they made a Fart Song and I love it very much! Their craziness makes me laugh all the time, and I always laugh or smile when Harry sneeze haha so funny, I love them very much

But I love them... They are the craziest YouTuber in my entire life... I know Sky, Stampy, Bashur, Ryan, Zek, Sethbling, Deadlox, Pat, Dan and many more! But they are the best Craziest Minecraft YouTuber ever who could ask for!
Ha! You think I will forget Pewdiepie and Smosh? Never!

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34 Noodle On
35 Chrisandthemike

I have watched him everyday and I look up to him

Chrisandthemike is most funny person I know

36 YouAlwaysWin
37 Deadlox

One word says it all...T.N.T. Blowing up maps to pushing friends off of platforms... He is THE BEST and CRAZIEST!

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38 Mr. Crainer

Crainer should totally win, like he yells about everything? He calls his fans the crazies, and his intro says "Loading Craziness" like, Crainer is one of the most craziest Minecraft YouTuber I have ever seen.

WHY IS HE SO FAR DOWN! HE IS SO CRAZY and he calls his fans crazie family! And haven't you seen his hair?

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39 AviatorGamez

He is really funny. When he did the simscraft thing it was really funny. All I can say is funny hilarious and crazy

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40 iancoullahan1

I love their 8 ways to bully and they were acting so crazy in every video they made - MinusTop10

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