Top Ten Craziest Sports Moments


The Top Ten

1 Hand of God Goal
2 Le Mans Disaster
3 The Play
4 1994-95 MLB Strike
5 Punch-up in Piestany
6 Over The Edge with Owen Hart
7 On Court Attack of Monica Seles
8 Clint Malarchuk's Neck is Sliced by a Skate
9 Tim Donaghy and the NBA Betting Scandal
10 The World Series Earthquake

The Contenders

11 Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman
12 Kevin Ware Breaks His Leg
13 Steve Bartman Catches Hell
14 Kirk Gibson's World Series Walk-Off Home Run
15 The Immaculate Reception
16 Babe Ruth's Called Shot
17 The Helmet Catch in Super Bowl XLII
18 Kerri Strug's Gold Medal Landing
19 Doug Flutie's Hail Mary
20 Music City Miracle
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