Top Ten Craziest Stuff You Can Buy Online

The Top Ten

1 Car Mustache
2 Mini Cotton Candy Machine
3 Butcher's Cleaver Purse
4 Human Bowling Ball Game

I saw this on this one website! I need to buy it!

5 Magic Wand TV Remote

Definitely on my birthday list. Pity that I have to wait until December. - PositronWildhawk

This would be so cool! - Lina1028

Seems like the coolest thing ever. "LUMOS! " - keycha1n

This is from the big bang theory. Also, Positron, Same b-day month Internet high five!


6 Vampire Hunting Kit

Looks like I should pay edward cullen a visit! - samanime

Boy with wooden stake: I'm coming for you, Drac!

7 Wearable Sleepingbags

Perfect for when you fall asleeep in the bathroom!


8 Super Mario Question Mark Lamp

Every once in a while when you're watching T.V. ,it'll just go:"I'm Luigi! "

9 LED Shoelaces

Boy:Turn out the lights because I'm so good at tying shoes! *lights out* Really, Kevin?!

10 Glow In The Dark Toiletpaper

I need this at night.

Pooping guy:Thank God my tp glows in the dark.

Pooping guy:Shoot! I can't see the T.P. ! Oh wait, thank God it glows in the dark!

The Contenders

11 Sock Sandals

Perfect for people who are cold all the time.

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