Craziest Video Game Console Combinations

From Super Genintari, to WiiStation 360, here are some combinations of a bunch of video game consoles.

The Top Ten

1 Xbox One CD-1

This should be named Xbox1D-I

So far, these are some crazy combinations. That's why I decided to give two console combinations a name. Here we go!
1. Xbox One+CD-I=Xbox I
2. Xbox One+Atari 5200=Xbox 5200
How about that?

2 SNES Sega Genesis NES Atari 2600

You probably already heard about it & you know it's called the Super Genintari.

3 SNES Nintendo 64 Gamecube & Wii

I call it the Super Nintendo Wiicube 64.

Super 64Cubii

4 Wii Playstation 3 Xbox 360

It's called the WiiStation 360.

5 PlayStation Sega Saturn Nintendo 64

I call it the Play Saturn 64.

6 3DS Gameboy Advance

3D Boy Advance

How about we call it the 3D Gameboy Advanced System, or 3DGBAS for short?

7 Gameboy Pocket Gameboy Light

I call it a Game Boy Pocket Light.

8 DS Lite DSi XL

I call it the Nintendo DSi Lite XL.

9 Xbox 360 Xbox One

Behold! For this is Xbox 361!

10 Nintendo Entertainment System & Atari 7800

Add Atari 2600 to this and you get Nintari 2678.

NES 7800

I need a name for this.
A. Nintari 7800 System
B. NES 7800
C. None of the above!

The Contenders

11 Virtual Boy + R-Zone + + Intec Interact + Wireless 60

Great for anyone who likes joke consoles

Vir-Zone Boy Interact 60.Com

12 3DO CD-i

It Would be the 3D - i

13 Xbox One Atari 5200

Xbox 5201

14 N.E.S. Sega Master System

Nintendo Entertainment System+Sega Master System=Master Entertainment System

15 Xbox One & Virtual Boy

Virtual Box Boy Onr

16 GameCube & Original Xbox

Nintendo GameCube & Microsoft's first Xbox combined together makes the Gamebox.

17 PlayStation 2 & PlayStation 3 & PlayStation 4

Check out the PlayStation 9.

18 SNES + Sega Genesis/32X/CD + NES + Atari 2600 + Playstation 1-4 + Xbox 360/One

Imaging getting a behemoth like this for Christmas!

All formats use the same controller with d-pad, 2 mini-joysticks and the following buttons: A, B, C, X, Y, Z, Pause, Start, Select, L1, L2, R1, R2

19 GameCube Xbox PS2 Dreamcast

Dreambox Cube Station 2

20 Wii U+Xbox One S+PS4

Wii U Station 1S

21 3DAdvace
22 Wii U + Wu + Chintendo Vii + Wireless 60 + Intec Interact + MiWi + WiWi + iSports + WLL

Great for anyone who likes Wii knockoffs

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