Top Ten Craziest Videos On YouTube

Have you ever wondered which is the craziest video on YouTube? You can take look at these videos in my list. So here is Top Ten Craziest Video On YouTube.

The Top Ten

1 Greatest Freak Out Ever

Hey I used to watch this back in middle school. It was awesome.

Behold. The greatest freak out ever. v=YersIyzsOpc - Delgia2k

2 Angry German Kid

Angry German Kid Rules!

Believe me, this guy is crazy and funny. He's also popular because of his funny parodies. v=q8SWMAQYQf0 - Delgia2k

3 Crazy Woman Freaks Out Over McDonald's Chicken McNuggets

This was so funny! But it did turn out to be faked. But... She did still break the window! - keycha1n

Why would someone freaks out over a food? - Delgia2k

Why would someone freak out over a food? v=FJye229QbVs - Delgia2k

4 Angry Dominican Kid

Same with Angry German Kid. You can say he's Angry German Kid ripoff. - Delgia2k

5 Hitler Works at KFC

You better get him those damn Sausage Eggs. - Erikelelf

Have you ever watched Hitler parodies? v=EiYjcEuGNtM - Delgia2k

6 Angry Japanese Kid

Just like Angry German Kid, but it's a short video. And yes, I know he's a man, but that's the video name v=4DQDbqQx3Lw - Delgia2k

7 Falcon Punch!
8 Ticklish Cat

Well, the cat is not angry at all, the cat is getting tickled. v=m7SCCTNILnk - Delgia2k

9 Fat Guy Doing the Harlem Shake

I know it's bad to laugh at fat people. This video crazier than original Harlem Shake v=BuIo1NFsHpg - Delgia2k

10 Do the Harlem Shake

I never liked this, not hate it. Anyway, this video is crazy. v=8vJiSSAMNww - Delgia2k

The Contenders

11 Rant Against The Sonic Fanbase
12 Omar Staring Into His Computer
13 Don't Hug Me I'm Scared
14 Cows & Cows & Cows
15 Omar Taylor and His Computer
16 Grounded (Goanimate)

These grounded videos are terrible - ElSherlock

17 Does Koopa Troopa Have a Girlfriend
18 Koopa Troopa and Rouge the bat having dinner as a couple
19 99.5% Crazy (SMG4) is literally 99.5% crazy

20 Killing My Best Friend Prank ft Sam & Colby
21 Best red ring of death freak out
22 Hitler works at Pizza Hut
23 Violette1st series
24 Fights at School
25 McJuggernuggets Series
26 Parents Destroys Kids Electronics
27 Burutabu Chan (Poo Genie)
28 cs188 YTPs
29 Asian guy laughing at his food
30 Spinge Binge: Me Millionth Dollar
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1. Angry German Kid
2. Greatest Freak Out Ever
3. Angry Dominican Kid
1. Omar Taylor and His Computer
2. Omar Staring Into His Computer
3. Does Koopa Troopa Have a Girlfriend
1. Omar Taylor and His Computer
2. Omar Staring Into His Computer
3. Does Koopa Troopa Have a Girlfriend

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