Top Ten Craziest and Weirdest Mental Illnesses

Mental illnesses over the years are being criteria of having to be as mental ill, Making in our science more of surprises of explaining more of mental illness across the centuries. This can show the triggers of the crazy sides of mental illness of making our society dangerous to count down the top picked craziest mental illnesses in this list ranked.

The Top Ten Craziest and Weirdest Mental Illnesses

1 Dissociative Identity Disorder

Whats a diisosiativ idendidy dizordr?

People who change personality without them even noticing it... - Honeyreis

2 Schizophrenia

Why is this on the top on almost every mental illness list? I'm getting tired of this! There are worse illnesses! Jeez!

Say again. Your opening comments are gibberish. We'll see if this gets deleted again, because, after all, TRUTH "violates the policy."

I am so sick of people portraying schizophrenic people as “crazy” or “weird.” Christ, we deal with enough already, we don't need ignorant morons telling us how disconnected and different we are. Believe me, we already know.

3 Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

It's a perpetual psychological battle between what you know is right but what you fear is so wrong

I have this disorder and the comment above me is so true

4 Bipolar Disorder

Its more comone then you think but at the same time less comen

If someone tells you they have bipolar.don't look at them like the are crayzy.get to know them as a person not a disorder

5 Schizoaffective Disorder
6 Factitious Disorder
7 Alice in Wonderland Syndrome
8 Walking Corpse Syndrome
9 Misophonia
10 Antisocial Personality Disorder


The Contenders

11 Pedophilia

I've never understood how anyone could get arousal out of a child, but pedophilia is a mental disorder. So far there is no cure, but there are treatments and therapy that can help control it and make he/she less apt to act on their fantasies.

Pedophilia actually is a mental, or psychiatric, disorder. It's associated with the brain.

I never throught pedophilia as mental illness. - BorisRule

12 Depersonalization Disorder
13 Trichotillomania
14 Alien Hand Syndrome
15 Stockholm Syndrome
16 Borderline Personality Disorder


17 Selective Mutism
18 Wendigo Psychosis

I'm glad I don't have this. I don't want to be a cannibal.

19 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
20 Tourette Syndrome

It is so misunderstood. Only 10% of people with TS swear

21 Dementia
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