Top Ten Crazy & Insane Guitar Solos

This is the top ten list of CRAZIEST guitar solos. Not greatest, not cleanest, not fastest, not deepest. Just Crazy

The Top Ten

1 I Wont See You Tonight Part 2 - Synyster Gates
2 Angel of Death - Jeff Hanneman & Kerry King
3 Hangar 18 - Marty Friedman

This solo is actually 7 solos played by Marty and Dave but that does not change that this song is incredible

4 One - Kirk Hammet
5 Raining Blood - Jeff Hanneman & Kerry King

I have heard people call this solo a bloody mess, and that's exactly what it is. Perfectly captures the essence of Slayer.

I knew I could find this one on the top 5! Its completely insane! Makes you feel like the end of the world

6 Trough The Fire And Flames - Herman Li & Sam Totman
7 Second Heartbeat - Synyster Gates
8 Full Force - Michael Angelo Batio

Anything by Michael Angelo batio should be on here

9 Freight Train - Michael Angelo Batio
10 Jordan - Buckethead

The Contenders

11 Under a Glass Moon - John Petrucci (Dream Theater)
12 Ride the Lightning - Kirk Hammett
13 Jesus Saves - Kerry King & Jeff Hanneman
14 If I Was Your Mother - Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi)
15 Dry County - Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi)
16 Keep the Faith - Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi)
17 Downfall - Alexi Laiho (Children of Bodom)
18 The Struggle Within - Kirk Hammett
19 Lines In the Sand - John Petrucci
20 In the Name of God - John Petrucci

5 back to back solos what can I say? It can't be any thing short of the top ten

21 Flood - Pantera
22 Goodbye Graceful - Jacky Vincent
23 Satch Boogie - Joe Satriani
24 This Day We Fight! - Megadeth
25 Sudden Death - Megadeth
26 Through The Fire And Flames - DragonForce

It is so fast and insane that even DRAGONFORCE start by playing it on tours very slowly and then they play it faster!

27 Make Them Suffer - Pat O'Brien
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