Top Ten Crazy Music Artist Collaborations That Might Just Work


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41 Madonna & Marilyn Manson

Manson said in an interview with Larry King that he would like to do this. He had a crush on Madonna ever since he was young.

42 Eminem & Nas
43 Metallica & Paul McCartney
44 Of Monsters and Men & Avicii

Might just work - both have folk themes and the result would be amazing! - Wolftail

45 Lady Gaga & Jackie Evancho

Jackie has long admired LGG's music and has spoken of doing a duet with her. Now that the ladies have each sung a duet with Tony Bennett, maybe these two crazy kids can finally get together. - BobG

46 Eminem & Hollywood Undead
47 Eminem & Linkin Park
48 Eminem & Korn
49 Pendulum & Joe Satriani
50 Kendrick Lamar & D'Angelo

Will be the most organic and blackest album ever.

51 Gwen Stefani & Ja Rule
52 Kelis & Espen Lind
53 Miley Cyrus & Flo Rida
54 Lil Dicky & Chris Brown
55 Sixpence None the Richer & Cole Swindell
56 Inna & Kelly Rowland
57 Panic! at the Disco & Gorillaz
58 Blink-182 and Green Day
59 Tom DeLonge and BoA Kwon

Yes, this sounds so crazy, but I think it will work. Or Tom DeLonge with Bjork will be great as well. Despite both being in very different genres, they both have a little in common, both revolutionary and can sing accoustic songs. Tom DeLonge can play an accoustic song, and BoA Kwon sings it, as well as Tom singing in it, I think their voices will blend well. - AnimeDrawer

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