Top 10 Crazy Supernatural Powers That Can Be Useful or Beat Most Superheroes

All 10 will surpass even Superman. Wanna beat "The Flash" in a race? Mach Burst is what you want. Wanna stop any no gravity attack? Phaise Shield is what you should use. Need a weapon? Sword Summon and Dark Plasma Can help you. Want to go back to a place you have been before? Molecular switch will allow you to do just that. Need to stop an evil guy but he stopped you first? Spire Void will unleash power beyond anything you could ever do as a 'superhero' Sick of looking at that annoying stump of an arm? Total Regeneration, grow a new one or get back the old one. Need an ultra boost as a normal superhero? Invers Boost will give you 8x more power and more. Just wanna look epic and be cool, Angel Type is your go to ability.

The Top Ten Crazy Supernatural Powers That Can Be Useful or Beat Most Superheroes

1 Phaise Shield

Stops anything as long as its not a partical of light or a gravity wave. Looks like a hexagon and more than one can generate parallel to another shield's edge. Wanna stop a meteor from destroying the earth, Kinetic Control will allow you to throw it back to space. - TDP-Vanesa

2 Mach-Burst

If given a definition its super speed but more advanced. Air around you is compressed into a type of shield. Wont stop things going 400mph+ but dust and stuff wont hit you. Might wanna wash up after wards, you'll smell like burnt dust. - TDP-Vanesa

3 Dark Plasma

Hard to explain. Kinda like 'magic' More like the oppasite of phais shield. Make swords, projectiles, etc - TDP-Vanesa

4 Kinetic Control

Much like telekinesis but more advanced. Any form of kinetic energy can be controlled, i.e. heat, speed, electricity, etc. Change on into another and vice versa. Add to or take kinetic energy from something. - TDP-Vanesa

5 Sword Summon

Like the name says, summon a sword. Its not limited to swords, summon armor, tools, other weapons, robots, anything you have touched while using this ability. - TDP-Vanesa

6 Molecular Switch

More practical version of "Teleporting" You make a wormhole to go though. Only works with places you have been. You pop up relevant to that place in your memories. No coordinates to remember. Takes a second to even minuets to get to the destination since it's a worm hole. Doesn't break the laws of science of one object being in two places at once. - TDP-Vanesa

7 Invers Boost

Turn you power negative making it 8x more powerful at -1% then double the % before it up to -100% Less powerful than Spire Void. Can be over powered when you are on an adrenaline rush or really really really mad/sad from a tragic even. - TDP-Vanesa

8 Total Regeneration

Not really "total" but that gives it a better name. Think Deadpool or Wolverine's healing factor but more realistic, getting decapitated still kills you but put your head and body together and you regen, thoughts and memories don't though. Lost limbs don't disapire but can be used to regen in the same way as the head and body. - TDP-Vanesa

9 Spire Void

While dead this ability can come into use. Like Invers but 1000x more powerful at its lowest level. Max destruction by thinking about it. - TDP-Vanesa

10 Angel Type

Similar to Kinetic Control but for electricity only. While using this you visually look like you have a pair of wings made of electric bolts (lightning bolts.) You gain electric bolt rings around your wrists and ankles. The power this ability gives is on par with Kinetic Control and Dark Plasma COMBINED! - TDP-Vanesa

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11 Time Stop
12 Tornado Buster

Destroys everything in its path

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