Top Ten Creative Dragon Ball Z Characters for Xenoverse

OK so there is the new dragon ball z game called dragon ball Xenoverse that's coming in 2015 and I was excited. Then they said they are bringing back character creation with choosing your race like earthling, saiyan, marjin, and namik. You can also choose your gender. So here is my list for characters I thought myself. Feel free to add your own.

The Top Ten

Aura (Female Majin)

This was the first character that popped in my head. A evil female marjin? I thought of her as Marjin Buu's sister that is stronger then all the buu's and poof I called her Aura. What did you think? - Chaotixhero

Duke Kage (Male Earthling)

Hmm... Good guy, leader of a police team, and them I thought of it. And I made duke kage. Huh - Chaotixhero

Jupiter (Male Earthling)
Prince Kai (Male Namek)

A prince of his own race? Will that work?. Yes it will because I made him badass. - Chaotixhero

Human Shadow the Hedgehog (Male Saiyan)
Human Sonic the Hedgehog (Male Saiyan)
Sir Lancelot (Male Earthling)

Sir Lancelot is a member of the Knights of the Round Table. Which Sonic and the Black Knight was based off of. Not just Shadow the Hedgehog

Yeah I named him that. I just stolen a name from Sonic and the black Knight. Sue me. - Chaotixhero

Ultimate Buu (Male Majin)

If you got marjin, super, evil, and kid buu then how about ultimate buu? Good right? - Chaotixhero

Emily (Female Earthling)

A normal school girl who can kick ass! - Chaotixhero

Evil Goku (Male Saiyan)

The Contenders

Dumplin (Male Majin)

Two words. Primordial Po Po. There is nothing more amazing. Join the church of the demon god dumplin or get dumped by him and his concubines, the twins baroness von underboob 1&2.

Neo (Male Saiyan)

A saiyan from the future that is family with Bardock who can defeat evil easy.

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