Top Ten Most Creative Skateboarders

Rodney Mullen has been regarded as one of the most creative skateboarders of the last few decades with crazy out of this world tricks. But since then there has been a new influx of crazy skateboarders to hit the scene. So here is the top ten list of the most creative skateboarders going... enjoy.

The Top Ten

1 Rodney Mullen

Rodney is the greatest skateboarder in the history of the sport.

Rodney should be number 1

Oldskool legend, master of the flips, inventor of tricks a true legend of skateboarding and a worldwide name - Grim3Fan94

2 William Spencer

This guy is a complete nutter and definitely deserves top spot. His out of this world tricks include front flipping down a set of stairs on to a skateboard and running on top of a giant tracker wheel. He uses every object possible from rocks to cones to just about anything to flip a board of flip and slide off. His unique parkour approach to skateboarding puts him in number 1 - Grim3Fan94

3 Alexander Rademaker

Nutty manual control and crazy tripple flips is why alex is number 2 in the list he can manual just about anything and his flip control and landing steeze blows brains. He isn't as heard of as rodney mullen but is being questioned as the next Rodney Mullen. - Grim3Fan94

4 Richie Jackson
5 Daewon Song

He sees the whole playing field. Everywhere is a spot and he creates tricks that are unique to each spot. Incredibly influential in the way I skated when I was younger and seeing him skate now blows my mind. Ageless and one of a kind.

6 Chris Haslam

He looks like a hippy and is the master of hippy jumps... and crazy tricks such as tail slides on a moving skateboard to riding inside a warehouse at head height this guy can do just about anything. Give him a broken board he will probably hard flip it? - Grim3Fan94

7 Josh Katz
8 Mike Vallely

This guy is the best

9 Stevie Williams
10 Andy Anderson

The Contenders

11 David Gonzales

One of the best creative skaters

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