Top Ten Most Creative Ways to Scale or Break a Wall

Don't you hate invisible walls in gaming? If so, then what are the most creative and stupid ways to break them?

The Top Ten Most Creative Ways to Scale or Break a Wall

1 Replace the Wall With Air Using A Hacking Method Because Life is a Computer

If only I could hack my house into a mansion... - RaineSage

2 Transform into a Colossal Titan and Smash Through the Wall While Looking for Eren

Perfect. If only I knew how to turn into a Colossal Titan... - Absolite

3 Dig a Hole Underneath the Wall and Watch it Sink Below the Ground

Like one of those secret doors in a JRPG... - RaineSage

4 Pretend The Wall is Somebody You Hate and Chuck 100 Litres of Acid at It

The first bit is admittedly rather random... - RaineSage

5 Tear a Rift in the Dimensional Field and Pass Inbetween Matter Itself

I am the master of space and time! Woo! - RaineSage

6 Dream That the Wall Breaks and Wake up to Realise it Has Broken

That would be rather creepy... - RaineSage

7 Turn Into a Ghost and Drift Through the Wall

But then you are going to have to stay a ghost unless it is some kind of superpower... - RaineSage

8 Tell a Guild of Treasure Hunters That There Is a Ring Worth 1 Billion Pounds/Dollars Built Into the Wall

Then just sit back and watch it get destroyed... - RaineSage

9 Paint Yourself Some Wings Using a Magic Pen And Fly Above The Wall


10 Do Nothing And Walk Around the Wall

The Contenders

11 Break the Wall With an Iron Dildo
12 Tell Michael Jordan to Carry You While Doing the Flight Above the Wall
13 Ram It With a Kenworth Truck
14 Tell Mr. Gorbachev to "Tear down this wall!"
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