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There are many Credit Repair Software, Dispute Processing / Outsourcing Companies, and even Companies that offer other value added services that help Credit Repair Companies grow their bottom line. But what Existing or New Credit Repair Companies are looking for is a complete solution. This is the list of companies that provide solutions for Credit Repair Companies or individuals that provide a complete solution for Professional Credit Repair Companies.

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1 Score, Inc.

After shopping around for Credit Repair Software, I realized that I needed something more than just a software. I needed Guidance, training, mentoring, technical support. I was skeptical at first, but oh boy how that changed. I went from skeptical to overwhelmed with coaching, mentoring and service from the moment we started our relationship with Score. They setup our portal for us, the emails, branding on the portal, templates, dispute reasons etc. Then they trained us on an implementation call. Then kept calling every week to coach mentor us as well. They were very knowledgable, and eager to provide us with anything that could help us drive our business. I would recommend Score in a New York Minute!

Their business structure is aligned with my success. They only make money if I make money. I must admit That Josh and Joel have become business mentors to me. I trip out on them. What could a Latino and a white guy from Alabama possibly have in common? They are both genuine businessmen with a dynamic outlook, and an honest urge to help others succeed. Both err on the side of, over-helping you than under-helping. I really learn a lot from them. I personally vouch that they go out of their way to do the small things as well. Even if my business outgrows the need for outsourcing someday, I see myself staying with Score permanently. They are definitely the true leaders in this industry. They are much more than outsourcing. I also highly appreciate the fact that they are not high-caliber 'salespeople' to me, which there is a lot of in this industry. Score by far has the best and most dynamic solutions.

Score continues to provide an awesome value for the services that they provide. My company uses their Software and their outsource service as well. When helping me to get started, Joshua and his implementation team really went over and above in their persistence to make sure that I understood the process. Now that I am up and running, and making money I might add, I owe a debt to Score and each team member for my daily success.

Oh yea. And the on going training is best.

This service has proved as the most productive credit repair business solution
To increase my sales and productivity by 10 times. I actually like this software but guys it would be very difficult without you. I appreciate your customer support. Credit repair is very EASY with your software. I am gonna buy another license to have your software for another location.

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2 The Credit Repair Office by HTDI Visit Website
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