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81 First Nations Credit LLC
82 Creditmergency Creditmergency We guarantee our clients that we can help and assist them in fixing their bad credit rating and history. Majority of our clients are all happy, amazed and satisfied with the quality of our credit repair services. We strive hard and work together to assure our clients that we can meet and go beyond their more.

Reliable honest credit repair company. Not only do they repair your credit but also educate you on how to maintain a good score.

83 North Shore Advisory Inc.
84 Credit Care Corp

They are now running a 50 percent discount program due to the tough times. - skipmull

Credit Care Corp has been in business at the same location for the past 23 years. They are members of the BBB and are known for doing Debt Negotiation and Credit Repair. - skipmull

Are currently running a 50 percent discount and A BBB rating. - skipmull

They not only eliminate unsecured debt but they restore your ccredit also.

85 CRE Credit Services

I used CRE credit services and so have several members of my family. We have all gotten qualified for homes now! I was kind of shocked when I saw this list, because I used two of the companies in the top 3 first and paid them a lot of money and got terrible results. My sister and her husband used another company that was in the top 5 and had a very bad experience as well. CRE was recommended to me by my cousins wife who manages a mortgage branch. She told me their entire branch used CRE and had great results so we gave them another try. I can tell you these guys are nothing like these other companies. They explained the difference between what they did and why they were different, and how one of their owners worked in a legal department at Experian. I am so happy I gave them a chance, because we were pretty down that we could just not get qualified for a home. We closed on our house September 2009 and since then three of my family members have already closed on houses by using CRE. ...more

I went from the low 500's to well over the 700's! Brett K. was the consultant I worked with and he broke everything down for me, made me understand how my score is calculated, and gave me a free consultation where we put together a "plan of action" as he called it, and we started repairing my credit right away! Brett even offered to help me find a job, which I am now currently employed and my credit is AMAZING! I had 14 of the 24 negative items deleted in just 38 days! He even helped me with referrals and signed up my sister and best friend which saved me two of my monthly investments, and they are currently in the program seeing great results, and my friends getting more deletions than me! Best Credit Repair Company! Can actually TRUST! I was very hesitant but after speaking on the phone for only 5 minutes I knew right away I could trust this place! Also they have a 100% guarantee and can remove anything on your report if it ever reports again, and you know right away with their free ...more

I used CRE Credit Services at the car dealership I was working at to refer customers who didn't have good enough credit to purchase the exact vehicle they wanted, or sometimes, they couldn't purchase a vehicle at all, or were paying insane interest rates if the bank would give them a loan, because of their awful credit history. I had heard good things about CRE Credit Services on radio stations and I knew they were local in the DFW area so I told a potential buyer about their services. He came back within about 3 months and purchased the car from me. I have sent about another 6 or 7 customers and the 5 customers who signed up with CRE all bought cars from me! And the best thing was, that not a single one of the 5 buyers worried about the price for a vehicle because CRE had gotten each customer very close to 700's. I literally seemed like each buyer had a 1000 pounds liftede off their back. I will continue to send every single customer to CRE because I know that they are for sure ...more

CRE went to work right away and got results just as they predicted. They explained to me all that I needed to do in order to keep on a roll with my credit repair. They were great to work with and did their job consistently and in timely fashion. I would highly recommend them to anybody desiring credit repair AND willing to do the work necessary in getting the appropriate documents back to CRE in timely fashion. As with any credit repair company, they can only move as fast as the the documentation they need gets back to them. If you are unable to do your part, don't expect any credit repair company to be able to do their part.

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86 JSL Consultant Group, LLC


87 Cure My Score

Cure My Score Credit Repair has extensive experience in the credit restoration and education industries. Our track record speaks for itself and we have an outstanding local team who our customers trust from day 1.

When you work with us, the Cure My Score difference is clear.

-No contracts
-Our President of Credit Education is a Nationally Recognized FICO Expert Credit Witness (He personally reviews each person's credit report)
-We provide a customized game plan for each of our clients
-We don't charge until we do the work (results driven atmosphere)
-We give realistic expectations
-1 contingency on people working with us is that they share their success story with us after they complete our program
-Work efficiently to get people OUT of our program, not keep them in it
-No monthly fees
-A real person answers the phone 100% of the time during business hours. No computer automated customer service. - CureMyScore

88 Credit Boss Inc.

I just love how their customer service. I get my updates every 30 days. I don't have to worry if the credit bureaus respond or not. I don't have to be calling. I hate talking on the phone and don't have time neither, so they send me emails often and I know what's going on with my credit. 100% Recommended.

90 Pendleton Legal

We are legal credit consulting and credit restoration company. We specialize in helping people eliminate their inaccurate and negative credit reporting.

We sympathize and understand that circumstances in life occur all the time and bills may become delinquent, Pendleton legal can turn all that around for you. Take back control of your life, don't let another month go by and past credit issues bully your life.

91 Freedom Credit Repair

FCS offers among the quickest turn around in the industry, without dragging on monthly fees forever. From late payments to bankruptcies and everything in between, FCS has removed every kind of derogatory mark on credit reports, for less than the industry average cost.

92 Park View Legal

Park View Legal provides affordable and effective credit repair services by attacking the negative items affecting your credit score.

93 RMCN Credit Services

I had contacted RMCN a few months ago as I was facing poor credit issues. RMCN team helped me to clean up all of my bad credit. Now, I am able to get a loan at low - interest rates. I appreciate everything they have done for me. I would definitely recommend RMCN services to anybody needing help to repair their bad credit score. So please add this company to this list.

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