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81 North Shore Advisory Inc.
82 Santa Barbara Credit Solutions

I was so worried about my credit problems and even afraid to look at my scores.
Santa Barbara Credit Solutions got right to work contacting my creditors and my scores went up in less than two months!
They were very non judgmental and I talked to the owner almost every time I called.
She helped me to sleep at night!
Give them a call, they will help you!

Santa Barbara Credit Solution's Credit Repair Service is a pretty good service. I love Santa Barbara, great place to vacation. Not sure if they are members of the National Association of Credit Services, or NACSO.

Santa Barbara Credit Solution Credit Repair Service is a great credit repair service to fix you credit! -

83 Cure My Score

Cure My Score Credit Repair has extensive experience in the credit restoration and education industries. Our track record speaks for itself and we have an outstanding local team who our customers trust from day 1.

When you work with us, the Cure My Score difference is clear.

-No contracts
-Our President of Credit Education is a Nationally Recognized FICO Expert Credit Witness (He personally reviews each person's credit report)
-We provide a customized game plan for each of our clients
-We don't charge until we do the work (results driven atmosphere)
-We give realistic expectations
-1 contingency on people working with us is that they share their success story with us after they complete our program
-Work efficiently to get people OUT of our program, not keep them in it
-No monthly fees
-A real person answers the phone 100% of the time during business hours. No computer automated customer service. - CureMyScore

84 Credit Boss Inc.

I just love how their customer service. I get my updates every 30 days. I don't have to worry if the credit bureaus respond or not. I don't have to be calling. I hate talking on the phone and don't have time neither, so they send me emails often and I know what's going on with my credit. 100% Recommended.

86 Pendleton Legal

We are legal credit consulting and credit restoration company. We specialize in helping people eliminate their inaccurate and negative credit reporting.

We sympathize and understand that circumstances in life occur all the time and bills may become delinquent, Pendleton legal can turn all that around for you. Take back control of your life, don't let another month go by and past credit issues bully your life.

87 Freedom Credit Repair

FCS offers among the quickest turn around in the industry, without dragging on monthly fees forever. From late payments to bankruptcies and everything in between, FCS has removed every kind of derogatory mark on credit reports, for less than the industry average cost.

88 Park View Legal

Park View Legal provides affordable and effective credit repair services by attacking the negative items affecting your credit score.

89 First Nations Credit LLC
90 RMCN Credit Services

I had contacted RMCN a few months ago as I was facing poor credit issues. RMCN team helped me to clean up all of my bad credit. Now, I am able to get a loan at low - interest rates. I appreciate everything they have done for me. I would definitely recommend RMCN services to anybody needing help to repair their bad credit score. So please add this company to this list.

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