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I always used to think the whatever on credit report is 100% correct but when I read an article in money Magazine I got to know that at least 79% of Credit Reports has the errors then I searched on the internet for the solution. This is how I found Zinu Credit Repair in the top 10 credit repair companies of 2012. Then I called them and today after 2 months my score has increased more than 20 points and I can express my situation in happiness in words.
Thanks a lot Zinu Credit Repair.

Thanks to Zinu Credit Repair for delete out my 5 late Payments from my Credit Report just in 90 days, thanks to Harry as well for his politeness and they way he guided me to maintain my FICO Score

We at Zinu Credit Repair helping people to restore their credit scores and fulfill their dreams of buying new house/car. Contact Zinu for free consultation. We specialize in removing any negative, inaccurate or unverifiable items from the credit score.
We have helped thousands of people get the following items deleted from their credit reports:
Late Payments
Charge Offs
Closed Accounts
Negative Settlements
Why you should choose Zinu:
Fast, Effective Results
Permanent Results
Satisfied Clients
Money Back Guarantee
Cancel Anytime
Then what are you waiting for. We are just a phone call away. Call Toll Free (800)400-ZINU or visit us online at www.zinucreditrepair.com


Thanks to Zinu Credit repair to delete out my collections from my credit report. Their customer services awesome and the way they the person Mr harry guided me and explain me how it's work, it was really fantastic.

Zinu Credit Repair has increased my credit score by 102 points. There program really helped. Now I can take advantage of lowest available interest rates in the market. I had never thought that this would happen. Thanks guys you are Awesome. THANKS

I simply can recommend this company to anyone in USA & Canada. They are going to be the best credit repair company soon, that I can assure anybody and trust them by blind eyes. The way they took my case and solve my all issues regarding credit repair, I'm just surprised. Thanks a lot Adam for your continuous support.

Thanks guys from removing judgements from my credit report. Now looking forward to see my new credit score.

With in 90 days they moved out 3 negative item from my report, they did a great job, thanks to all the member of Zinu

I was enrolled with zinu credit repair & they got me 5 deletions and more score jumped up with 100 points. I'm really grateful to you guys.
On solution for all credit problems.

I would like to share my experience with zinu. I have been enrolled with them for last 2 months and they already deleted 9 items. Now looks like we can buy our new house no more living in apartments.
Great Feeling

I would just want to say thanks to all the people in Zinu for helping me clear my credit and making it excellent. Especially to Gagandeep who was very patient after me questioning him everything again and again. Wish you all the best of luck for future. THANK YO VERY MUCH AGAIN!

I hired Zinu about 45 days ago to address some issues on my credit report. Utilizing his pay after deletion program, I was happy to know I was only going to pay if he could get results. He was able to produce the desired results I needed in a very short amount of time exceeding my expectations. Zinu did for me in 45 days what other firms couldn't do for me in a year of service! I have since recommended Zinu to several friends and family members. If you have something nagging you on your credit report and need solutions, I highly recommend Zinu's pay after deletion program. Thank you for the excellent and quick results Zinu!

Thank you guys who helped me in repairing up my scores. You dealt with an old lady so gently and patiently that I felt being at home. I am really very happy with all the help you'll gave me. Within 6months of signing up with you'll my score has jumped from 450 to 580. Just wanna thank all you guys and I am surely gonna spread the happiness by referring you'll to others too...

I am very happy with the work you guys have done. You guys made my history excellent and because of that I am able to buy my own house. Just wanna wish you'll the best and thanks to all who helped me out.

It's the best credit repair company I've dealt till day. I'm very thankful to them for deleting my negative impacts and helping me rebuild my score to excellent. Its because of them I have a house of my own.
Thanks a lot guys.
Keep rocking.

Thanks for your incredible service. Never though credit reports can have the errors. But with your help and guidance I'll take care of how to keep track of my credit. Thanks Guys.

I'm very thankful to zinu for deleting my bankruptcy and now my score has improved drastically.
Thanks again

I am very much happy and delighted for the help you people gave me. Its has just been 5months with you'll but I have seen a tremendous change in my credit history. Almost 4 or 5 negative items have been deleted and my credit score is also boosting up. Thank you Zinu for the help.

I'm here to say thanks for deleting my Paid collection and improving my score by upto 70 points. Keep up the good work.

Awesome work guys... Keep the good work going on and on guys... You all helped me a lot and I would personally refer you all to many of my friends and relatives... It's a big thumbs up for you guys..!

Thank you Zinu Credit repair for helping an old lady in repairing her scores. Shilpi you helped me a lot in understanding the program. Just been with you'll since 8 months, but you guys have worked wonders on my credit report. Thanks a lot. God Bless.

Thanxs a lot Adam and Harry to improve my credit score in quicker time.

Thanks a lot Zinu credit repair for helping me lot

Would like to take the pleasure of thanking you guys for all the help given to me. Special thanks to Harry & gagan. All the best wishes for future to your company. Thanks a lot

Best Repair company. They don't even charge anything before deletion.. After a long time I found a true and faithful company. Am so happy and satisfy with your work guys. My score is 788 in avg now. Thanks a lot...