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1 HTDI Tracker

" Up until last year, I owned a large mortgage company in upstate NY of over 125 employees. As many other companies, we got hit hard during the mortgage industry crash and had to close our doors. I was stuck in a position with thousands of leads and customers that couldn't get qualified for anything. I decided to start looking for a way to capitalize on my left over resources and help people in the process. I called many other Credit repair companies and was very unimpressed, one west coast based company was charging $15,000 and had nothing but negatives written about them on the internet. Then I found HTDI. They helped me to get started at the beginning of this year and it has been great, I have not only made great money helping people to repair their credit, but I have refinanced 8 of them and helped 6 Buy houses that would have never qualified with the new guidelines. The software is very user friendly and all of my clients, affiliates and Brokers have increased business ...more

Just wanted to congratulate Brian Aber and HTDI Financial for their pretty amazing software. We've been shopping around for a new software option for quite a while. Our company's located out of Boston Massachusetts. We are a full service credit restoration service and I want to congratulate them on an amazing technology. We did the tour, we purchased the upgrades and we went through the details of it and bang for buck, best technology. Bang for your buck, best service, most options and what we liked about is was the fact that it allows us to give better services to our clients. Aside from managing and sending letters and giving us alarms, it allows us to give better service with all the client and affiliate updates. I think this tool, I'm very confident, is going to be something that is going to add much more than a couple of zeros per month compared to what the actual cost is. Thank you, Brian. Thank you, HTDI Financial and congratulations on a great service and for the product ...more - billgluck

Great staff, great system that works very fast. Free portals and unlimited users for my staff. I'm very happy with HTDI!

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2 Credit Detailer Visit Website
3 Credit Money Machine Visit Website
4 Dispute Suite is a multi-user software that gives your entire company a 360-degree view of each of your customers. This allows you to maintain knowledge of every customer and lead, enabling collaboration across your company.

Dispute Suites is without a doubt the best thing to ever happen to the Credit Repair business!

The only logical choice for a professional credit repair company!

Hands down the leaders of the credit repair industry!

The Credit Repair Boot Camp is a must for everyone in the credit repair industry! Go to and check it out!

5 ScoreWay TurnKey Credit Repair Business Solution

The Proven Credit Repair Outsourcing Leader - If you are looking for a company that has a complete Credit Repair Business Solution (Backend Software, Customer Access, Affiliate Access, One on One Coaching, Value added upsell/downsell services) Try our ScoreWay Turnkey Credit Repair Business Solution goto and schedule a demo or attend one of our free credit repair - Jump Start Webinars to Learn More. The lowest startup fee, No Monthly Software Fees, No additional User Fees.
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This was a Blessing, after months of searching I found you and it has saved my lot of time and in addition improved efficiency. We wish that you people keep growing and we will be delivering some of our business friends your reference. You have everything that a credit repair company or credit consultant must have.

Hey I want to start by saying this is a great software! Many many thanks to suggest me Scoreway Solution. It is the only thing that helped me to successfully improve my credit report and settle my debt. I actually want to recommend this software to ones who want to improve their reports without being charged illimitably. It may give you a chance to turn your life around!

This is the best Credit Repair Outsourcing Company. Really hats off to the best at what you do, they actually help people. Your Scoreway Solution is fast and user friendly that gets the files cleaned up very fast.

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6 Credit Admiral

The most in depth credit repair software available - period!

These guys really know their stuff. They organize the CreditCon annual conference too. Really the most knowledgeable guys around - you can’t go wrong with them!

7 Credit Repair VIP - Dispute Processing

I used them through Credit Repair Cloud. Great staff and did the job perfectly.

Credit Repair VIP is the best in the business!

Best provider on the market!

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