Top Ten Best Creedence Clearwater Revival Songs to Listen to While Driving

Best of CCR to cruise to. Sweeet... Hopefully I've chosen ones which don't make anyone want to drive into the nearest bayou to stop the pain... If I've missed any you feel deserves to be here, feel free to add. :)

The Top Ten

1 Cotton Fields

I persuaded my brother to play this in his car once on our way to visit friends. He relented. The sun was out, the warm air drifted through the open window...He would deny it of course, but I swear I saw a smile on his face listening to this... - Britgirl

2 Suzie Q
3 Proud Mary
4 Sweet Hitch Hiker
5 Down on the Corner
6 Lookin' Out My Back Door
7 Up Around the Bend
8 Born on the Bayou
9 Long as I Can See the Light
10 Keep on Chooglin'

The Contenders

11 Have You Ever Seen the Rain?
12 Midnight Special
13 Travelin' Band

As much as I love this song, I deliberately didn't add it. It's too distracting while driving. However, it would be amazing fun to pull over and have an impromptu dance to. - Britgirl

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