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21 Long As I Can See the Light

This is just such a lovely relaxing song. Sometimes, with all the commotion through the day, you just want peace at the end of it; and this is the song to play. - Britgirl

Number 18? What seriously? This song deserves to be #1!

This song has such raw emotion and the sax solo gives me goosebumps every time. At least for me, this is number 1.

Top 5 for me.

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22 Lodi

Listen to this song while driving on the Route66

You can feel the emotion!

23 Someday Never Comes

A song which is always underestimated. It's a melancholic one - something rare for this band. And pretty good done.

Greatest Credence song. Not known well but is somehow really comforting

The most underrated Creedence song. My personal favorite.

Masterpiece! The voice travels along the humans soul... The "meaning" of life in a song...

24 Commotion

His lyrics is almost incomprehensible, but who cares? Raunchy and reckless with an awesome bang at the end!

25 Effigy

Potentially the most underrated of all Creedence songs, the guitar solo is some of Fogerty's best work and the chorus is awesome. For any other band this would be much higher, but CCR is so damn good!

I just love the guitar solo to this song.

26 Wrote a Song for Everyone

Absolutely amazing, the best ccr song in my opinion

27 The Working Man

Truly a badass song.

28 Keep On Chooglin'
29 Sinister Purpose

Even their least well known songs, like this one, are awesome.

30 Molina
31 Graveyard Train

Great 8 minutes of a song. Most people overlook this masterpiece

32 Before You Accuse Me
33 It Came Out of the Sky

Cutting political satire and killer guitar work

34 Penthouse Pauper
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