Top 10 Creepiest Baby Einstein Moments

Baby Einstein is a franchise created by Julie Aigner-Clark. She created it as entertainment for babies and toddlers, so it must be all fun and games, right? Wrong. Baby Einstein has some scary parts in it, but babies don't even realize it until later. And it can scar you for life, like it did for me. So I'm counting down the top 10 creepiest Baby Einstein moments.

NOTE- I only found exactly 10 creepy moments in Baby Einstein, and that was perfect! The problem is...they were from the very first four movies: Language Nursery, Baby Mozart, Baby Bach, and Baby Shakespeare.

The Top Ten

1 Zylon Dragon (Baby Bach)

This is the only thing on this list I was afraid of. I was odd, because if there was a moment I considered scary in a video, I wouldn’t watch it all, whereas with this one, even though with this one I was scare do it this moment but it was still my favorite video for some reason. I was scared of the Cow in Language Nursery, the Zylon Dragon in Baby Bach, the opening Vincent puppet show in Baby Van Gogh, the Mousetrap in Baby Dolittle, the Elephant sneezing in Baby Da Vinci, and the post-credits puppet show in Baby Monet. I would refuse to watch Baby Galileo because of the stars puppet show because I felt bad when the baby kangaroo bumped into his mom.

AHHH! I am half screaming and half singing like he does. This is the second creepiest moment in Baby Einstein, but don't get me started on #1. You all saw this coming.

This used to scare me in my childhood to the point that I stopped watching the video for several years!

When the dragon puppet closed it's mouth,they used the door closed sound from Baby Van Gogh after purple when Vincent closed the door.And also Baby Bach came out before Baby Van Gogh.

2 Bard the Dragon (Baby Mozart)

BLAH! Bard the Dragon tops as the creepiest moment in Baby Einstein. The puppet shows starring him, (A New Friend and Blah! ) scared me equally as a baby. I've had nightmares about him, and I remember one like it was yesterday. He appeared one day in front of me, and I tried to blah him away. Worst mistake. He started blahing at me just like he did in Baby Mozart. Several times. Then, I ran away, and the last thing I saw was Bard. Then I woke up.

I'm not that scard of him now, but when I was little, I was so scared of bard! I got over the fear of the puppet a few years later, but I'm still very scared of the drawing version of him. in the end of the little video tutorial about baby einstein that was at the end of the original videos when they were on vhs tapes, the last ten second of the video shows bard as a drawing, and he just stares. it creeps the heck out of me(using clean language here for little children) still to this day, and it gives me nightmares

Bard the dragon gave me a nightmare. He was acting crazy in this nightmare. I was about to fall asleep on the couch. Then, I heard the whistle from one of the episodes he was in. He said bleh. I was able to pull him out of the T.V.. But here's one creepy moment. There was no hand controlling the puppet. He continued saying bleh and here's the second part that was creepy. He ate up my face.

OH MY GOD! I haven't seen this since I was little, and I had finally got it out of my memory until I saw this list! I remember when I was little, I would always run away into the back room whenever I saw this thing! I was terrified of it, but I got used to it after a while "cough" a few years later

3 Dolls (Language Nursery)

Those old broken dolls look scary but raggedy Ann is cute

Harmony is the creepiest doll

Is that raggedy Ann

Radgey Ann... she's so creepy

4 Bard Jumpscare (Baby Shakespeare)

The six note opening introduces Bard the Dragon, host of Baby Shakespeare. But don't let my description fool you. Watch and you'll see yourself.

The Bard jumpscare was not scary at all. Bard was only scary in Baby Mozart, when he did all these scary facial expressions. Bard was much nicer to the audience in Baby Shakespeare because he wasn’t scary.

THIS USED TO SCARE THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS OUT OF ME. every time my VHS would end and there was a black screen I always thought he’d come walking through. Many nightmares of him just popping up. Terrified me. I called him “the green puppet”. Thought I was gonna have a good time but y’all I never thought I would have minor ptsd from a puppet :,)

Which is symphony 9, 2nd movement, Beethoven

5 Bard Plush Toy (Baby Mozart)

When I watched Baby Mozart, the video did not have this toy. Instead, a caterpillar dropped. Also, the background was white instead of black.

Right after Turkish March, a Bard the Dragon plush randomly falls to the ground and scares everyone with a loud noise.

This toy Replaces Mr Buggity Bugget by the right start in 2004(& I love the 2004 version of Mozart)

Yes, when I watched Baby Mozart, Mr Buggity Bugget dropped down. I had the old version.

6 Pecking Rooster (Baby Mozart)

The rooster pecks three times, each making a loud noise. The first two would surprise someone, but the last peck waits a couple seconds so it can make you pee your pants.

This is the creepiest scene in the entire Baby Einstein series! The 3 pecks sometimes give me nightmares.

7 Bugs (Baby Van Gogh)

When I was little, I was chillin at my mom’s computer watching Baby Van Gogh, and that loud noise of those bugs scared the heap out of me. So my mom noticed that I got scared because of the high volume I think

Why are they so low! Because, Oh Lord, these nightmare creatures scared the CRAP right out of me! I was so scared of Baby Van Gogh after I saw them!


THE ShuffleBugs ARE less Creepy.

8 Dancing Crayons (Baby Newton)
9 Meep Meep the Chicken (Baby Bach)

When I was first watching this, the first thing I heard was chickens clucking and I screamed: " Chicken! "

The very beginning of Baby Bach. With that background music, this is pretty creepy stuff.

He's real name is also Cornelius the dancing chicken and when I first saw him in Baby Bach,he looked like a cartoony chicken,because of the eyes.

10 Robots (Baby Bach)

How are this scary there just funny when they bump into each other

The robots just creep me out for some reason.

The red one scared me

Oh no! its tails doll possesed A Robot how Weird...and Familiar

The Contenders

11 Lamb (Language Nursery)
12 Talking Sunflower (Baby Bach)

Creepy, but it wasn't the scariest thing that happened in Baby Bach.

It's actually called Sunny the singing sunflower

I’m not scared of that Sunny The Sunflower Toy. She’s kinda cute and can sing like the other singing plants

13 Giraffe Cone Puppet (World Animals)

Last night, I was sleeping fine and dreaming some good stuff, but I found out a rare episode of the renewed Baby Neptune Episode and it had rare scenes. After the song it showed an Advertisement about the Miami Design Thing, and suddenly I heard the kazoo playing and that Giraffe Cone Puppet appeared out of nowhere and the closing circle thing that stops on each color background setting, scared the heap out of me and I hid under the sleeping sheets.

when I was a little baby the first time I saw that thing, I was scared so much I could have died. I wanna make sure I never saw that again. but every time I see one I get nightmares about it every night. but the rest of the video is perfect but that thing. I WANT IT TO DIE! who even made this cone puppet it looks possessed not to mention whoever made it is stupid!

This cone puppet was nightmare fuel for me when I was young. I was horrified of this disturbing kazoo voiced nightmare giraffe I got so scared to the point were I decided to not watch it anymore. Right now I've grown out of this drama. But when watching it today,I still get a little afraid inside.

When I was 2 years old, I got a nightmare where is was in a haunted, old room, the lights were off, and the T.V was off, then I heard a kazoo sound, and then the Giraffe Cone Puppet found me and it tried to kill me!

14 Flying Cow (Neighborhood Animals)

how is this scary is barely scary

its just like the goose in the same show.

15 Clowns (Baby Bach)

So Far, It‘s Replaced by the Clown Clock in 2004-2007

That Music Is Loud That’s Scare Me.

16 Baby Einstein opening

So creepy. When I was 4 my baby sister LOVED watching those. When I saw the theme for the first time and I had nightmares for weeks. One time my sister was watching it, I ran and hid behind the couch. I’ve grown out of my phase, but whenever I see it, I still get scared

When I was a toddler, me and my sister would run into the kitchen and wait for the caterpillar to leave. I grew out of that phase now. I just realized that the caterpillar was not going for me and my sister's souls, it was only friendly.

It used to scare me as a kid but it also made me feel oddly satisfied at the same time. Isn't that strange?

Caterpillar: (smiles in a creepy way) I want your soul!

17 Baby Einstein Ending

The Music So Scary

18 Knocking Over Stacked Letter Blocks (Language Nursery)

It didn't scare me until the hand knocked over the blocks.

How is THIS, of all things, scarier then those TERRIFYING bugs!

World animals(best 2004 VIDEO IN B.E. HISTORY)

19 Goldfish Popup (Baby Neptune)

I have this toy! I can scare a lot of people with it lol
I've never understood why people are scared of this part

Gosh darn it goldfish! You are the reason I was scared of baby Neptune!

Goldfish popup failed

Yep its scary

20 Hippo/Elephant Puppet Show (Baby Noah)

I agree with you noah The elephant is out of control because she interrupted the Hippos from singing!

The Noahw The elephant scare’d me as a kid

Those Hippos Singing But That Elephant Is Out Of Control That’s Scare Me

21 Dancing Cacti (Baby Van Gogh)

They would give me nightmares when I was 2! It's why Baby Van Gogh's the scariest episode!

Happy Cinco de Mayo, Lucian Cares Spanish, the Music Is EXTREMELY Crazy in the Movie!

22 Walking Duck (Baby Dolittle)

Oh god, that duck is creepy

The waddling duck reminds me of Cornelius the Dancing Chicken(from Baby Bach)because of it's eyes.

23 Possessed Van Gogh (Baby Van Gogh)

I do agree on this. Van Gogh was one of the scariest episodes to me because of this! Also was Van Gogh really possessed?

This scene was so scary when I was a kid now I'm a teenager and I don't get scared that much

At the beginning of baby van Gogh he comes out with paint all over his face

24 Bear in Airplane to End of Beethoven Turkish March (Baby Shakespeare)

THe end of that song is so creepy and the bear doesn't help

It's a helicopter not airplane

25 Dog Puppet (Baby Mozart)

I always cried about it when I was a baby

I’m a bit surprised that this isn’t really higher on the list. When I was little I was afraid of it because of it’s bark and my parents forced me to sit down with them and watch it in order to help me face my fears. But they soon realized it was gonna take me a long time to face that fear, so they let me try it out on my own. I’ve not been afraid ever since.

okay I do not get why this is even on the list its not even scary its kinda cute

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